The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for Animal Lovers
Want to share the love this Valentine's Day?

Support animals in need this Valentine's Day by sending an e-card to a fellow animal-lover during our My Furry Valentine event from Feb. 1 – 14, presented by Kitsap Propane!

Once you choose an e-card, your special someone will instantly receive an e-valentine with your personalized message, and a shelter pet will receive the lifesaving care they need to survive.

Visit our website and choose from our five adorable e-cards. Your tax-deductible valentine donation will help cover the cost of care for thousands of injured and homeless pets at Kitsap Humane Society -- from funding emergency surgeries to feeding malnourished pets.
2020: Year in Review
What it Takes to be a WSP Explosive Detection K-9
When one energetic pup was brought to Kitsap Humane Society after being found stray, we knew we had to ensure we found the perfect fit for him! We thought he would be heading to a house with other pets who would keep him company and help him burn energy. But he had other plans.

Calum came to KHS in Nov. 2020 and found himself moving to his new home with Washington State Patrol (WSP) as a working dog prospect early in Jan. 2021.

As part of his training to become an explosive-sniffing dog for WSP, Calum will begin a 400-hour long course, after which he will graduate and become a hard-working boy.

But what does it take to be a working dog prospect?

For dogs like Calum, who get placed in working dog programs, we look for a few different qualities. According to our Behavior Coordinator, Sam Zuanich, the dogs are usually:
  • 1 to 2 years of age
  • Good with people and other dogs
  • High energy/love to go-go-go
No Place Like Home Challenge Coming in March
This March, Kitsap Humane Society will participate in the No Place Like Home Challenge created by Maddie’s Fund. The Challenge is a nation-wide event that aims to reunite more families with their lost pets through innovative and creative tactics on the part of animal shelters and rescues.

Organizations that participate in the challenge also have an opportunity to receive a portion of $150,000 in grant prizes from Maddie’s Fund. As a progressive shelter that is always looking for new and improved ways to help pets in need, Kitsap Humane Society is excited to participate in the No Place Like Home Challenge! Stay tuned for more information next month.
Prevent Your Pet from Becoming Stray —
License them Today!
Part of pet safety is having a plan for uniting with your pet should they become lost. Did you know that 75% of lost pets do not make it back home? This statistic could be reduced by properly licensing your pet.

What is pet licensing? 

It can be as simple as a collar tag with their name and contact information. Pets can also be licensed by an entity like Kitsap Humane Society. In fact, Kitsap Humane Society is the pet licensing agent for all jurisdictions in Kitsap County including cities/municipalities and unincorporated Kitsap County. In addition to cat and dog licenses, KHS also issues chicken licenses for the city of Bremerton.

Pet licensing is actually required by law in unincorporated Kitsap County and all municipalities for pets 6 months of age or older.

If you want to be reunited with your pet should they become lost, plan ahead! Make sure their collars are labeled with up to date contact information and purchase or renew your pet license through our website. Click the button below to license your pet today!
Adorable Adoptable
Meet Shelby!
Shelby is a sweet senior Lab/Border Collie mix looking for a loving home! Shelby has such a loving personality. She enjoys being with her people and is an excellent walking companion. Shelby loves playing with plush squeaky toys and tennis balls she’ll even fling the toys around for herself to catch in the air! Shelby already knows “sit” and “shake” and is a pro at catching treats in the air when you toss them to her. Shelby would love a family who is home often to spend time with her and a fenced yard so she can stay safe and secure when playing outside. If you think Shelby could be the perfect pup for you, learn more about her here and then submit an adoption application to!
Volunteer Spotlight
Meet Victoria Quinn! 
In 2018, Victoria began fostering kittens for KHS. Since then, Victoria has fostered around 25 kittens! Last year, Victoria started to focus her attention on under-socialized kittens who need a little extra TLC before they were ready for adoption. Victoria’s dedication to fostering under-socialized kittens is a true testament to her passion for animal care since these cats can be harder to place in foster homes. We're so inspired by her endless patience and willingness to accommodate these kitten's needs! 

Since Victoria works from home, she has turned her home office into a foster kitten oasis. When the kittens first arrive, she gives them several days to decompress and adjust to their new environment. Since she works in the office with the kittens, they have a chance to become more comfortable around people as Victoria goes about her daily tasks! After their decompression time, Victoria gets to work helping these kittens build their trust in humans. Within weeks, her foster kittens are snuggling in her lap (or hoodie) as she works! 
Victoria is such an asset to the foster department and is saving countless lives with her hard work.

Thank you so much for everything you do for these kittens, Victoria!
Staff Spotlight
Meet JoAnne Schnyder!
This month, we’d like you to meet Jo! A member of our team since April 2015, Jo is the Accounting/Human Resources Coordinator. In her role, Jo assists with accounting, recruiting, new employee onboarding, payroll, data management, benefits, and helping in whatever way she can! Jo is also passionate about giving our dogs a break from kennel life by inviting them to her office. She even keeps a collage wall of the KHS pets she’s interacted with!

“I love the dedication of the people who work and volunteer at Kitsap Humane Society, and of course, the animals!” Jo shared. 

And Jo’s not afraid to take work home with her. Jo and her husband have adopted three cats: Veggie, Blue (pictured here), and Archer. “Veggie was adopted from the Humane Society of Sedona when we lived in Arizona. Then, Blue was an office cat in our administrative building for a few weeks due to being very scared in the shelter environment, and we adopted her in Dec. 2015. And we just adopted Archer from KHS in July 2020 – he now rules the house,” Jo said.
Jo’s supervisor shared, “Jo is a very detail-oriented person. She’s passionate about our mission and always has her door open (sometimes virtually due to COVID) to support and answer any staff questions. Jo has been a huge support to me. She is my right-hand and a trusted colleague. KHS is better for having her a part of the team!”

We couldn’t agree more, Jo! Thank you for your dedication to KHS.
Community Spotlight
Meet Our Furry Valentine Partners!
We are delighted to introduce our My Furry Valentine Presenting Sponsor, Kitsap Propane! Our friends at Kitsap Propane work hard to provide safe and reliable service to the entire Puget Sound area, especially during these cold winter months! They are dedicated to serving our community and have trucks on the road to keep you comfortable 7 days a week.

Not only has Kitsap Propane partnered with us to present our My Furry Valentine event, but they are also our shelter’s propane supplier, saving us money and helping to keep our pets cozy and comfortable.
Thank you, Kitsap Propane, for your dedication to our shelter and the Kitsap community. We appreciate your continued support!
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