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April 2020

In the midst of turmoil God is always doing something good, and it is up to us to decide: Are we going to focus on the positive or negative things going on around us?

In light of present situation in the world, Bonnie's worship band, No Compromise , has decided to release one song on YouTube each week from their yet unreleased album. Their desire is to encourage the world to worship through this time; and, like David and Jehoshaphat, through worship combat the spirit of fear, hopelessness and dispair and look to the salvation of our God! We would encourage you t o SUBSCRIBE   to them on YouTube to receive updates on newly released songs.

On February 25th Croatia had its first verified case of the COVID- 19 virus, and within 2 weeks the whole country was on lockdown. Only essential workers go to work; all other businesses have their people working from home. Our schools are exclusively online, all parks, churches, coffee shops, beauty salons, gyms, ect. have been shut down, restaurants work on a deliver-only basis. You need special permission, which is very difficult to obtain, in order to travel from town to town. People may go to the store, but only a certain number of people are allowed in at a time, so you usually need to wait for quite a while outside of the store for your turn. Four days after Zagreb went on lockdown, we experienced the largest earthquakes people had seen in over 115 years. During the course of that morning 3 earthquakes took place: 5.5, 5.0 and 3.7 on the Richter scale. 500 buildings were damaged and over 1,000 people were left homeless. Whereas four days previously people had been told: STAY HOME… STAY INSIDE, now people were being told the opposite: STAY OUTSIDE!!! DO NOT go back inside until we tell you it is safe. And to make matters worse, it began snowing! For the next 3 days we saw more snow than we’d seen all winter long. If that wasn’t enough “natural disaster” for us, the day after it stopped snowing, we experienced a strange smog for a full day and a half. Strong eastern winds had blown particles of sand from the Karakum desert and created a haze over Zagreb.

As you can imagine, people were in a panic and many are still struggling with depression and anxiety. 

…we have worked arduously at staying connected. All our teachings and services are recorded weekly, uploaded onto YouTube and shared on social media. Sundays and Wednesdays, we meet with our members over Zoom to fellowship and pray together before sitting down to watch the service. Tuesday morning prayer is also held over Zoom and Monday evenings our church leadership meets over Zoom for 30 minutes of special prayer for the church body. Bonnie has also been uploading a worship song each day to try to encourage people spiritually through this time. We also have been encouraging our members to stay sensitive to their unsaved neighbors, friends and family members. Now is the time for us as believers to share the hope we have in Christ. Many are open right now to the Gospel and we need to be ready to share Christ with the lost.
> Hearts have been especially open to the Gospel this month
> Not a single person in our church lost their home in the Zagreb Earthquake, and our church building suffered only a few places of cracked paint
> God has provided all of our needs this month

As of now, Mario is still hoping to travel to the US at the end of May. We are praying that the virus will have slowed down enough by then and travel will have opened back up. He plans to be in the US from May 26 to August 31. His schedule is already filling up, so please feel free to contact him if you would like him to visit your area at: [email protected] 
 … is doing well. All four children are back home for school while we are on lockdown, but the children are doing well in their studies. We are grateful that the boys homeschooled for so many years; no adjustment time was needed for moving to online studies. Unfortunately, everyone had special events that were cancelled, but we are looking on the positive side of these circumstances: We have precious family time that we wouldn’t have otherwise, and we are attempting to maximize that time as much as possible.

Thank you all for your continued prayer and support. We are aware that it is no easier for you right now in the US, so please know that you are in our prayers, as well. We know that we serve a Miracle Worker… Our God, that is who you are!

Mario & Bonnie Ducic


> That COVID-19 would be stopped world-wide!

> That Mario would be allowed to travel to the US

> Provision for a family van

Croatian Evangelistic Outreach