My heart rejoices today for the love and support you continue to show for our Music Ministry and, today specifically, for our Sanctuary Choir. Thank you for joining us on Sunday the 3rd for a time of worship in song. I hope you were blessed and that your heart rejoiced in the gift of music our choir brought to you and in praise to our Lord.

Even though Sunday afternoon appeared more concert than worship, our goal was to bring a gift to our congregation, but also lift our voices to God in praise, thanksgiving and communion; to worship.

Thank you for being there and thank you for supporting the Music Ministry financially.
Your gifts will further what we do and offer opportunities to grow. It will also help us work through a ‘to do’ list of items we haven’t been able to tackle financially. We are blessed by your generosity, but even more by your kindness, love and words of support.

When I first wrote a short article for eNews about My Heart Rejoices, encouraging everyone to attend, I promised to follow up by sharing a few ways that your gifts would be used. Over the next month or so, I will write more about that.

Today, I just want to mention one item that seems small. In fact, in size it really is quite small, but this thing makes a difference in worship. I am certain it is something no one has noticed and to explain it in detail would take paragraphs. The short version: the organ in the Chapel needs a new computer. This particular computer (the organ has more than one) drives the memory and alternate voice selections for the instrument. I have been working around the problem as best as I can, but it really needs to be addressed. This is one of the items on our Music Ministry ‘to do’ list that we would very much like to see completed.  Your gifts to your Music Ministry will make that possible. Thank you!

I pray God’s song of peace to you

Craig Stephan
Director of Music Ministries at First Methodist Conroe