I don’t have ALL the answers – but, I do have SOME of the answers.
My Journey
I am on a journey.

I am grateful to have you on this journey with me.

You see, I've recently become involved in a business coaching program ( Boldheart ). It's been an incredible eye-opener for me. Through the work I am doing on my personal and professional growth, I've found that I can embrace and celebrate being my genuine self while I create more opportunities to create real and valuable services for my community.

I've committed to focusing my business on providing personal, authentic, and patient digital marketing coaching and services. I am delighted to be able to say that my clients report that they feel a sense of control and calm about their marketing.

With that vision, I've been creating a number of group learning opportunities to make it easier and more affordable for small business owners (and solo-pros) to work together to learn what they need in order to market and grow their own business. Offering these groups with accountability strategies has proven to be pretty powerful.

I invite you to join me at any of my upcoming learning opportunities. I am incredibly honored to be surrounded by a community of heart-centered, service-driven professionals. I look forward to spending time learning and growing together.

Group Learning Opportunities
3-Session Group Workshop w/ Accountability Activities
Social Media, Email Marketing & Analytics For Your Business
Are you a solo-pro or a small business owner who is ready to take control of your digital platforms?

This 3-session group program may just be what you've been looking for.

We will work in small collaborative accountability groups to develop a sincere and successful online presence.
Is This Group Learning Opportunity For You? 
May 8,15,22 9:30 AM
Norwood Space Center
Real Time Results
Viewing actual brand analytics and insights, we will view real-time results of strategic digital collaborations.

 Participants in this workshop will leave with an actionable plan to:

~~ Create content on your website that answers the questions people are asking to establish themselves as a thought leader in your area
~~ Utilize your content in a number of unique ways to further differentiate your message.
~~ Activate your communities & collaborations to amplify messages.
~~ Measure results of your actions!
Tuesday, May 1 9:30 AM
Norwood Space Center
Q: How can I get more people to show up at my events or workshops?

1: Create a Flyer
2: Attend Networking Events
3: Email Your List
4: Call Prospects
5: Create Strategic Alliances
6: Use Your Digital Platforms
>> Bonus Tip: Go Old-School – Send Mail
Spring is finally here!

This is a perfect opportunity to focus on your email lists and time to embrace the spring cleaning spirit!

Spend some time making sure your email list is spick and span so that you can make sure your email marketing is on the right track.

Make this the month you finally clean out any emails that consistently bounce.
Let's Answer Some of Your Questions
We work with small business owners who want to spend their precious time on creating awesome products and providing valuable services rather than agonizing over their website, email marketing or social media platforms. 

I help you KNOW more so you can DO more.
Not sure where to get started in your digital marketing efforts?
Let me and my ace team comb through all of your platforms to give you honest and smart feedback. (Seriously, we just love this stuff!)
Susan Finn Online | 508-400-2097 | www.susanfinnonline.com
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