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Tomorrow is Give for Good Day across the nation.  We encourage you to give PRO-LIFE to Louisiana Right to Life!  We chipping in $25 will help further the pro-life cause in Louisiana!  See below for more info.

Last week was a busy week at the Legislature, as four bills passed the House floor and two passed a Senate committee.  The overwhelming bi-partisan margins by which the bills passed led many media outlets to report on the pro-life consensus in Louisiana.  The article that graced the front page of the Shreveport Times yesterday exemplified the coverage.

Not only did we enjoy the article, we especially loved the large photo of long-time pro-life leader Susan Flanagan in front of the Hope abortion facility showing compassion to those in need.  Thank you Susan!

Shreveport Times  
Of course, pro-life unity in Louisiana doesn't happen by accident.  While our population may be more disposed to a pro-life position, it takes effort and dedication to capitalize on the natural advantage.   
While the pro-life cause has excelled to an extent in Louisiana, I believe we have more to do! 
For a Pro-Life Louisiana,
Benjamin Clapper

P.S. Check out another great article by author Lex Talamo from the Shreveport Times featuring our Deanna Wallace and good friend Cindy Collins! 
Give for Good Day
PLEASE Give Pro-Life!

Have you been to the Louisiana Life March in Shreveport? Have you had the opportunity to cross the Texas Street Bridge for LIFE?

If so, we are sure you will agree that the event has been a great blessing to the community in Shreveport. But as you imagine, the event is not free. Louisiana Right to Life has underwritten the event, ensuring that there is no cost to participate.  But we are in need of raising funds to offset the cost of future events like it.

Would you chip in $25 tomorrow to help the Louisiana Life March continue and grow?

Tomorrow, May 3, we are participating in the "Give for Good" Campaign in Shreveport.  We need your help to raise funds on that day to strengthen the Louisiana Life March, along with our Black Advocates for Life and youth education outreach efforts.  All donations are tax-deductible!
Door Hanger Campaign
Two Walkers
Volunteers Needed for Door Hanger Campaign     
As "The Louisiana Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Act" makes its way through the legislative channels, we are sponsoring a dismemberment abortion door hanger campaign, and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

On Doorknob
We are looking for teams of dedicated pro-life volunteers to help distribute door hangers throughout Louisiana on May 14.

The Door Hanger Campaign is a statewide grassroots effort dedicated to educating the public on the injustice of dismemberment abortion. Volunteers will leave our eye-catching door hangers on homes across the state to educate people about the reality of dismemberment abortion and urge them to take action at

Volunteers will meet at a designated location for four hours on May 14 and work in teams to drop literature throughout a targeted area. Team captains will coordinate volunteers in their communities.

Several locations have already scheduled campaigns, but we need more launch sites. Will you host a launch site or attend one? Please take action!

In addition to May 14, door hangers are being distributed in the New Orleans area on other Saturdays as well.  
Click here for more information and for list of launch sites.

Oratory Contest
Kara Hobbs

Kara Hobbs Wins State Oratory Contest!

The Louisiana Pro-Life Oratory Contest was hosted at the Knights of Columbus Convention on Saturday, April 30th in Lafayette. Kara Hobbs of Baton Rouge won 1st Place and advances to the National Pro-Life Oratory Contest in DC on July 9th.

Lucia Boyd of Loyola College Prep in Shreveport, Jacob Acosta of Jesuit High School in New Orleans, and Tre' Guidry of St. Thomas More High School in Lafayette also competed. 

Kara spoke on the impact of abortion on society, highlighting the absurdity of tolerating the injustice of abortion. "In the 6 minutes I have given this speech, 12 babies have been aborted," she said, reciting her speech from memory.

Congrats Kara! Good luck in DC!
Pro-Life Bills Advancing
Bills Flying Through Capitol! 
Despite Family's Wishes,
My Mother Chose Life 
By Krista Corbello, LARTL Youth Programs Co-Director

Imagine a woman who came to this country in the early 90's for a college education.
At the age of 26 she got pregnant, and upon discovering her pregnancy, her boyfriend left her. The woman's parents thought she would be an embarrassment to the family and encouraged her to have an abortion. They not only encouraged her, they bullied her to do so by threatening to disown her. When she sent letters about the situation and included photos of herself pregnant, they ripped up the photos or drew X's on her stomach and sent them back.
Those around this woman could have told her that this child would have a terrible life. They could have asked her why she would want to bring a child into such an ugly situation. An unwanted child without a father couldn't possibly have a good life, right?
This was the darkest time of this woman's life, but she knew the child in her womb was a living person. She never thought twice about having her baby. Her friends said that when this child was born, there was a new light in her life. A child, even born during a joyful time and in a happy marriage, brings about a new light. And we know that the light shines ever brighter in the darkness. This child was certainly a bright light amidst this darkness.
This woman's bravery inspires me every day because she is my mother, and I am her child. My life, while there has been some suffering, some doubt, and many questions about my father, has been beautiful!
When I was 2 my mom took me to the Philippines to meet her family. They didn't know we were coming, so they were surprised by the visit. My mom basically said, "This is your grandchild, and you are going to get to know her." And they did.
My mom got married when I was 5, and I got "half-adopted" into the beautiful Corbello family. I can remember the day of their wedding, the day I met my new family, and the day my last name changed. What I didn't know then was the darkness of my mom's past relationship with her parents. When I was 18 and learned the truth, I almost didn't believe it. I knew my grandparents loved me so much. They had never made me feel unwanted.
Two years ago I met my "bio-dad," as I call him. He asked for my forgiveness and is starting to build a relationship with me. As you can imagine, it's a difficult journey, but it has definitely been a blessing.
My life is far from perfect, but I know I live the joie de vivre that we Cajuns love! You can never judge a person's life based on the situation they are born into, and I am a living testament to that.
I did not share that part of my story with anyone until I began working with Louisiana Right to Life. I knew my story could be a testament to the pro-life cause, but I was too afraid to share it, so I was silently pro-life for years. But after much prayer and discernment I realized I could no longer remain silent. I know I have been a light for my mother since the day I was born, and I must continue to shine that light now for the pro-life movement!
I am blessed to be a part of Louisiana Right to Life's youth programs team. The youth education effort stretches throughout the state, and I head up efforts in Acadiana, Alexandria, and Lake Charles. I have loved getting to know the pro-life youth around Louisiana. They are so inspiring and pro-active!
I was so awestruck and amazed at our first PULSE Immersion Weekend in February. I saw 50 high school students' deep love for life and desire to do more for the cause. By the end of the weekend the students had plans to set up tables outside of grocery stores to talk about abortion and chalk pro-life messages around local public parks.

They want to be leaders, and they want to be a light in the darkness, just as I was to that mother who was brave enough to choose life 24 years ago.

Reach Krista Corbello at! 
Join Krista, Alex Seghers, and team at the Pulse Leadership Institute in June!
Pulse Leadership Institute
Pulse Leadership Institute
June 19-24  Register Today!  

High school and college students- register now for a first-class pro-life training institute in Baton Rouge!

Activism on LSU's Campus 
Student Presentations at Capitol 
Visiting Pregnancy Center 
Leadership Training 
Coffeehouse Talent Show 
Bowties for Babies
4th Bowties for Babies Just a Week Away!   
The fourth annual "Bowties for Babies: A Southern Style Soiree Benefiting Life" is just a week away, but there is still time for you to register! Please help Louisiana Right to Life by buying tickets today!

You can become a patron or buy tickets and join Gov. John Bel Edwards, First Lady Donna Edwards and Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser and his wife, Cher, (our chair couple), at this important event. 
Bowties for Babies is May 10 from 7-10 p.m. at the Capitol Park Museum in Baton Rouge in the shadow of the State Capitol, and all funds raised will benefit Louisiana Right to Life's Advertise for Life project, which reaches abortion-minded women through targeted online advertising that connects them to one of the state's pregnancy resource centers.

Bowties for Babies will include live jazz music, good food, a silent auction, and a special presentation to former legislator and longtime pro-life leader Sharon Weston Broome, who will receive Louisiana Right to Life's inaugural Leadership for Life Award. This award will be given annually to a Louisiana citizen with an exemplary record of protecting mothers and their unborn babies.

Will you support this important project? There are several patron levels to choose from, and t ickets are also available at the following costs: $125 per couple, $75 per person, and $50 per young professional (18-26).    
For more information on the event, visit 
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