Do You Care About the Rule of Law? Then Act Like it

Here's my latest New York Times opinion piece [I've been named a contributing opinion writer!] that went live this morning and will be in tomorrow's paper.  Immigration opponents have long had one rallying cry: Rule of Law! But in many ways the Trump administration is making a mockery of our laws. You are either for the rule of law, or against it. 

I also share why I believe so strongly in upholding our legal commitment to asylum, to helping people fleeing harm. My own family has fled persecution for a century; my immediate family fled Argentina in the mid 1970s seeking safety. Please READ and share. 

And if you have ideas for future columns, send them my way. 

Upcoming Events

Each year I travel across the country--from conferences to colleges to high schools and middle schools--to share my thoughts about immigration and how Enrique's story and those of so many immigrant children continues to change. 

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Indianapolis, IN
August 20, 2018
Butler University

Downey, CA
August 23, 2018
Los Angeles County Office of Education
Leadership Conference

Madison, WI
October 2, 2018
University of Madison, Wisconsin

Beaverton, OR
October 8, 2018
Beaverton Public Schools

Bakersfield, CA
October 9, 2018
California Humanities

Kansas City, KS
October 4, 2018
Kansas Humanities

Los Angeles, CA
April 19, 2019
East Los Angeles College

AND OTHERS near you... I hope to see you at one of my upcoming events. 

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