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October 2018      

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The Quilter's Color Club has lots of info on every aspect of color. You can find used copies on Amazon, or buy it as a print-on-demand book from C&T Publishing
Welcome, Fall!      
Why, you ask, am I showing a close-up of a hydrangea? Didn't they bloom months ago? Well, yes they did, and I took this on the Mendocino Garden Tour in June because I loved the color and detail. What better reason?
My New "Urban Sunsets" Pattern
Greetings to my new and longtime subscribers! It's been a while since I've posted, but I'm back in serious work mode and thought it was time to catch up with you. My new design "Urban Sunsets" is now available in my Store as a paper pattern. (I decided against a PDF version for now; it's a long story.) You can see the pattern front and back covers at the end of this post.

I made this little quilt using Elin Noble hand-dyes, Kaffe Fassett stripes and prints, and Marcia Derse prints. You've probably heard me say I like to combine "different species of fabrics." They add an element of surprise that appeals to me.

To separate the three fabric sections, I inserted black-and-white "super-skinny swizzle sticks." Each center unit is bordered by my favorite gray ombré, Gelato #714 (see my Store).
When I discovered three luscious colorways of Anna Maria Horner's "Raindrops Poppies" (see my June newsletter) I knew I had to use them in a quilt. So I created another "urban" project, except this time there are only three different blocks, each repeated three times. Do you mind seeing two of them again? (I guess I didn't take a pic of the third one.)  

I haven't quilted the top, as you can see . . . that's next week's project!    
One thing leads to another, and after a student made a stunning table runner, I decided to finish my series with a table runner of three poppies blocks.
The pattern includes yardage requirements for all three projects, along with guidelines for selecting and combining fabrics. Here are three of my favorite tips:
When combining colors and patterns, strive for contrast in . . .
* Value (the lightness or darkness of color). Avoid too much contrast in value; if one fabric is very light and one very dark, the center unit will look fragmented.
* Pattern style. Consider combining various patterns, such as stripes, florals, semi-solids.
* Openness/density. A dense print next to a more open print tends to be more appealing than prints that are all dense, or all open. 
"But Wait: There's More!"
I'm adding a few bonus photos below, which don't appear in the pattern, to give you a better sense of how I quilted my "Urban Sunsets" quilt and "Urban Poppies" table runner.  
First, I carefully measure and mark the grid with pins. (I quilted "Urban Sunsets" vertically, but the table runner is stitched horizontally.) Then I apply blue painter's tape along the pins to mark the quilting lines. Note: pay attention to which side of the tape to quilt along, for later!  

All the measurements are in the pattern, but in brief. I determine a grid for the first stitching, then further divide the spaces as I go.
At some point you can eyeball the stitching in the center of each space.
I took this low-angle shot because it best shows the quilting effect.
I snapped a few behind-the-scenes pics, too. Here's the day I shot the cover (those black shapes are the backs of my photo lights).   
The stacks of pages laid out on my cutting table, ready to go into their crystal-clear bags. Almost done! 
Below are the front and back covers of the pattern. You'll find LOTS of info and inspiration within to create your own quilt or runner. And, of course, send me a pic of your project . . . even if it's only one block. It will make my day!   
Stay tuned, because I have a backlog of new work to show you next time!  
Front cover:  
Back cover:

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