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The Number One Strategy to Build Trust and Create Success
Tuesday of this week (April 26th) is the official release day of my new book with Alex Demczak, The Sale: The Number One Strategy to Build Trust and Create Success. It's a short book delivering an invaluable lesson about what matters most in life and work and how to achieve it. The book teaches four lessons about integrity in order to create lasting success.

To celebrate the release, if you purchase a copy today or anytime this week, you'll receive a bonus FREE DOWNLOADABLE ACTION PLAN that will help you take the ideas from the book and turn them into actions and results! Details below.

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In The Sale, bestselling author Jon Gordon and rising star Alex Demczak deliver an invaluable lesson about what matters most in life and work and how to achieve it. The book teaches four lessons about integrity in order to create lasting success.

The authors tell the story of Matt Williams, a sales representative for Turnbow Technologies, an aviation technology company founded by his grandfather. Matt encounters many obstacles both personally and professionally, and ultimately finds himself in a struggling marriage, an unfulfilling job, in a desperate search for answers, and at the crossroads of a major decision that will determine his future. Matt meets an unlikely mentor, who may just have the answers Matt seeks, as he faces the biggest decision and test of his life.

The Sale follows Matt as he learns:
  • Why his pursuit of financial success at the expense of his family and the people he loves is counterproductive
  • The power of integrity, trust, and consistency
  • Powerful ways to create fulfillment and real success that endures

Perfect for managers, sales professionals, and teams that are seeking durable, reliable, and powerful strategies for success at work, The Sale also belongs on the bookshelves of anyone looking for insightful ways to achieve their goals and realize their greatest potential.
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The Sale reminds us that doing business and living life with integrity is not just the right way, it’s the only way. Well done!”
-DAVE RAMSEY, Bestselling author and radio host

The Sale so powerfully captures how doing the right thing, even when it’s the hard thing, is not only the key to true success, but the only path to fulfillment in both business and in life.”
-JAMIE KERN LIMA,New York Times bestselling author, Believe IT

“Real success is not a destination; it’s about the person you become on the journey and the choices you make to get there. The Sale beautifully explains these ideals and is the definitive blueprint on becoming someone worth following.”
-ED MYLETT, Bestselling author of The Power of One More

“Doing the small, seemingly insignificant things the right way is the best path to success! I would definitely recommend this book!”

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