Resurrection MCC

August 20, 2015

Dear People of Resurrection MCC,
Like many of you, I am amazed at the deep insights and spiritual awakenings we are all experiencing during our current worship series, "Learning to Walk in the Dark". Spirit keeps speaking clearly, moving gracefully, and nudging her people ever so uncomfortably to a place of embracing Divine Presence wherever we find ourselves - in holy Darkness and Light. I'm learning I must embrace God's blessings wherever I am and wherever God leads, no matter how uncomfortable I might feel.
St. John of the Cross and Barbara Brown Taylor remind us that we are never more in danger of stumbling than when we think we know what Spirit's plan for us is. In each of our lives come moments of risk where one must decide whether taking a first step towards the next God-rich adventure is worth the distress and growth of moving on to something unknown. In these uncomfortable moments amidst the holy Darkness, we all must pray and ask ourselves, "Are Divine Possibilities actually worth the risk?" For me at this moment in time, the possibilities are well worth the risk.
As many of you know, back in January I started an MBA degree program here in Houston, and I loved it. Exhausting as that first semester was, I knew in my heart I was taking the right steps for the next part of my spiritual journey. Now an opportunity has come for me to complete the requirements for the MBA degree in a year-long program in Boston beginning this Fall. As heartbreaking as it is to even think about leaving this dynamic community of faith and this wonderful city that I admire dearly, I trust the love of God, recognizing that neither you nor I walk alone. Spirit always journeys with us.
And so, it is with discomfort and excitement, with grief and peace, with a daring hope and an abiding trust in Spirit who lives within each of you that I humbly submit my resignation as your Director of Connections. I look back at my tenure at Resurrection MCC and I smile. I've had the privilege of working with the most giving and selfless congregants, the most transformational clergy and staff in MCC, and the incredible joy of Spirit who never ceases to amaze me.
It's never easy to say goodbye, and it isn't supposed to be. I wouldn't trade the last five years here in Houston for anything in this world. I have been challenged and blessed by our shared ministry at Resurrection MCC, and am a better pastoral leader because of your leadership in our community. Whether together or apart, our shared ministry continues. Please do not grow weary for there is far too much work left to do in order to carry out the mission of sharing God's unconditional love to all people through Christ-like action. Remember to always embody justice, root out hate and discrimination, and continue being a HERO in Houston.  
And recognize for eternity that you are God's beloved. You are loved without condition or doubt, without pause or regret. No matter what you face today or in the days ahead, Divine Love is always with you.
In Loving Gratitude,

Rev. Michael

Rev. Dr. Michael Diaz
Director of Connections

Farewell Opportunities with

Rev. Dr. Michael Diaz
Brunch Buddies
Sunday, August 23
12:30 - 2 pm
Theo's Restaurant 
812 Westheimer Rd, Houston 77006 
Rev. Michael's Final Sermon
as Director of Connections
Sunday, September 13
9 & 11 am

 Hispanic Heritage Sunday &
Celebration of Shared Ministry

Sunday, September 13
12:30 - 2:00 pm
Activities Building 
Rev. Michael's last day in the office is August 31.
Rev. Michael's final Sunday with us is September 13.
You may also contact Rev. Michael by email at