St. George's is proud to host Bonnie Mettler's one-woman show, My Racial Ignorance. The paintings are on display in our social hall from now until June 8. The museum is open M-F from 10AM to 4PM, and the paintings are also available for viewing following Sunday service. Here, in Bonnie's words, is the inspiration for the work:

"I heard the story of Emmett Till for the first time when I was 53 years old. The story was extremely compelling, horrifying, unspeakably unjust and I had never heard one word of it before. I calculated that I was 6 years old when he was murdered. I began to ask people if they knew of it. Blacks overwhelming knew the story, whites did not. 

Because the divide was so profound along racial lines, I began to realize that I would have to make some paintings about this disparity. How could we be one nation when we do not even know the same history...our shared history. It took me 12 years to figure out how to paint such traumatizing images as were shown in the newspapers and magazines at the time of Emmett's death. Finally, I realized that I needed to paint the beauty and confidence of this young man, while the images of him in his casket would be seen secondarily. I wanted people to see the contrast between the young man who had arrived in Mississippi and the ravaged ancient he became four days later. 

The Emmett Till story made me begin to research what else I did not know. My ignorance appalled me."



Come view the paintings and enter into the conversation. Join Bonnie and St. George's as we continue to explore the possibilities of understanding our shared stories.


Save the Date: Sunday, June 7th at 7PM, master storytellers Denise Valentine and Bill Mettler will share their personal and family tales, allowing us unique insight into their unique journey through our racial landscape. More information to follow.

My Racial Ignorance
through June 8, 2015
Museum is open M-F 10 AM to 4PM. Show also on view following Sunday services.
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