My Support Newsletter, April 2022
Dear Reader,
Looking back at World Bipolar Day, we are overjoyed to have experienced this day of togetherness that was powerful to those writing and those receiving information from our community and beyond. You were heard and acknowledged by old friends and new, and we are thankful for the awareness and understanding that was shared that may have cleared misperceptions and brightened days! Read more about this amazing day below.

Also, please note our next Starry Night event will be held on 9.24.22! We are excited to share more details on our socials, so stay tuned!

Best wishes,

Debbie Brown
Executive Director
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Thank you for Joining Us for World Bipolar Day 2022!
Our World Bipolar Day Campaign, We are #BipolarTogether, was an awesome success!

We loved connecting with you on March 30th and hearing about what makes you #BipolarTogether! As a co-founding organization of World Bipolar Day, we are honored to watch this recognition day grow, and want to thank everyone for joining our movement.
When 'I' becomes 'We' , even mental illness becomes mental wellness! Whether you shared your courageous story, spread integral education, or started important conversations, your connections have demonstrate that we are #BipolarTogether on World Bipolar Day - and everyday!
Here's how our community responded to our World Bipolar Day Campaign!
"I can't thank you enough for what you're doing, People really need to know more about Bipolar Disorder, and you're doing a great job."
"I'm beyond grateful for accounts like yours who are daily advocating for more awareness for Bipolar Disorder. Your content is really digestible and comprehensive and for me, that means I can send it or share it, and even for a minute, people understand what it's like to have bipolar - I will forever be grateful x"
"Thank YOU for your insight, encouragement, and support on this platform. You make it feel like a safer place to share!"
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Connecting Together to Create Hope
Celebrate the power of connection to fuel hope in our lives on World Bipolar Day 2022! David Bartley joined us to recognize World Bipolar Day and sharing his experiences in the ring with bipolar, both the punches he’s taken and fights he’s won. David will shine light on bipolar disorder, and by raising awareness of the challenges in mental health, he will offer hopeful solutions through the power of connecting together.
It's Difficult: Listening to the Mothers of Adult Children with Mental Health Challenges
Join Judith Smith, author of “Difficult”, for a discussion about the challenges facing mothers and caregivers of adult children living with bipolar disorder. Through real stories of mothers and their challenging adult children, she will address these family situations, which too many keep secret. This webinar will allow mothers and caregivers to connect and see that they are not alone.
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Resiliency Strategies for Recovery from Serious Mental Illness
Join Researchers Carissa Coudray, Piper Meyer-Kalos, and Anne Williams-Wengerd as they share their findings on resiliency in individuals experiencing Bipolar Disorder, as well as what resiliency could look like for family members of individuals with Bipolar Disorder.

Join us on April 19th, 2022 at 11 AM PST
Ask the Expert: Dr. Tom Insel, Former NIMH Director
What would you tell someone who is feeling hopeless?
"All of us feel hopeless sometimes, especially when we're tired, when we've tried to solve a problem but nothing seems to work, or when one disappointment follows another. That's when we need to step back, take a break, and let time and chance and imagination work their magic."
Hear from HUGS Kids
Our HUGS for Kids program continues to uplift children and their families by providing hopeful resources. Here are some of the kids' recent reactions to our support:
In The News and In Print
When It Is Darkest: Why People Die by Suicide and What We Can Do to Prevent It
by Professor Rory O'Connor
Drawing on decades of work in the field of suicide prevention and research, and having been bereaved by suicide twice, Professor O'Connor is here to help. This book will untangle the complex reasons behind suicide and dispel any unhelpful myths. For those trying to help someone vulnerable, it will provide indispensable advice on communication, stressing the importance of listening to fears and anxieties without judgment. And for those who are struggling to get through the tragedy of suicide, it will help you find strength in the darkest of places.
Research Updates
Study suggests lithium may decrease risk of developing dementia

In an analysis of 30,000 patients with serious mental illness, research from the University of Cambridge suggested that patients who received lithium were less likely to develop dementia than those who did not.
Cardiovascular Risk for Patients With and Without Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, or Bipolar Disorder

A recent study found a significantly increased cardiovascular risk associated with serious mental illness. is evident even in young adults, suggesting the importance of addressing uncontrolled major cardiovascular risk factors in those with bipolar disorder at an early age.

Several studies have revealed changes in the microstructure of white matter in bipolar disorder patients, and lithium is reported to protect nerves against damage. This systematic review found that lithium appears to positively influence the evolution of the white matter abnormalities in bipolar disorder patients, potentially reinforcing lithium as a treatment option.
Pets Connect With Us!

Pets understand us non-verbally. They're in sync with us emotionally and aren't distracted by the words and other complexities or nuances in human relationships. Emotion & relationship scientists have made it absolutely clear: humans are much more emotional than we are cognitive, and pets get us and use this to connect deeply with us.
Postpartum Support International
2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 8 PM ET/ 5 PM PT

This perinatal (pregnancy & postpartum) bipolar support group for moms & birthing people is here to help those navigating symptoms of bipolar, depression, and mania. Our online groups are here to help you connect with others, talk about your experience, and learn about helpful tools and resources. You do not have to have an official diagnosis to attend the group.
These groups are led by PSI-trained support group leaders who have lived experience and/or professional experience. They understand the emotional challenges of pregnancy and postpartum as a mom or birthing person living with bipolar disorder. Our groups are conducted using a peer-to-peer support model, and are not intended for those experiencing a mental health crisis. Please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) if you are in need of crisis support.
We want to hear from you!
Your questions, challenges, and feedback will help shape our blog and education articles content, so please reach out to to request a featured topic.
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