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Giving Thanks
I am so thankful for you this month! You read my blog, listen to me teach, and bless me with your encouragement and support. It has been a busy month of speaking and traveling, and I love that I've met so many new women who are opening their hearts to experiencing God's goodness in their lives!

At the end of this email is one lucky reader's name. That person will be winning a copy of "A Good and Perfect Gift" (one of the best books I've read this year!) along with The Divine Pursuit and a sweet notebook. Keep reading to find out if you've won!

I've pulled three of my top posts from November for you to check out. From the Penn State scandal to my encounter with a homeless man, the blog is a random assortment of thoughts and ponderings on life and faith. If you've got any questions or topics you'd like to see covered, shoot me an email at and I'll try to provide!

A quote from a recent retreat: "Nicole is engaging, interactive and personal. She asks real questions and brings the truth home to every single person listening." I'd love to meet you in person! Click here to inquire about a speaking engagement in 2012!
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... So if the answer isn't hiding our children away until they are adults, or keeping our children away from all men (see my thoughts on that here) then what do we do? Read More......�


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Ninety Percent of the Time: I second-guess my leadership decisions. I wonder if everything I work so hard to do is making an impact. I ponder if my parenting is good enough. I worry about my kids having serious issues with the mom they were given.  Read More......�



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Book Review: "A Good and Perfect Gift"
When I began reading Amy Julia Trusdell's book, "A Good and Perfect Gift," I was in a rush. I promised Amy Julia I would review the book but I was slammed. So I began skimming, picking up the high points, expecting to it read like most other spiritual memoirs that I've reviewed in the past few years. 

Amy Julia has written a book about finding out, suddenly and inexplicably, that her first born daughter had Downs' Syndrome. The book chronicles Amy Julia's experiences of grieving and being broken while discovering the very beautiful gift of her daughter. As I skimmed through the book, words like this, when she found out that her daughter Penny might not be able to hear, caught in my head and tugged at my heart:

"My demeanor didn't change, even though inside I was shouting, Have you noticed that this is my child we are talking about? I stood up, and Penny opned her eyes. I kissed her on the forehead. Do you know what it feels like to sing to your baby and wonder if she can hear you?"

This is a book about struggle, about identity, and about the deep theological questions of pain and suffering. Amy Julia does an extraordinary job of staring honestly into her own brokenness and providing her readers with a beacon of insight and hope into understanding that God's gifts are often unexpected and abundant.

And the winner of the book is....Denise Younker! Look for your prize pack in the mail! Go you!!

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