With this 40 hour Training (added to your J.D. or Master's Degree in the Mental Health Field) you could become a court-approved mediator earning $250+/hour to assist divorcing families resolve custody issues. Since the Illinois Supreme Court has mandated mediation for divorcing couples who cannot agree on a custody plan, the demand for mediators has skyrocketed. In addition, many court jurisdictions in Missouri also have mandated mediation.

This course is designed to provide hands on training in becoming a divorce mediator. Join us in this fast-paced, interesting training led by Marta J. Papa, the Divorce Whisperer, who has successfully mediated more than 4,000 divorces. This 5-day training will include videotaped demonstration, lectures and discussions as well as role-play and coaching. We will discuss property division, custody matters, child support and maintenance issues, and family dynamics. Participants will receive a detailed 250+ page course manual.

Completion of the 40-Hour (5 Day) course meets the requirements of Illinois Supreme Court Rules 99 and 905 and Missouri Supreme Court Rules 17 and 88 to be a court approved mediator (local requirements may vary). Attending the first 2 days of this training qualifies lawyers in Illinois and Missouri to be Court Approved CIVIL MEDIATORS under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 99 and Missouri Supreme Court Rule 17.