Earlier this year, I made the heart-breaking decision to part ways with my wife, mother of our three young teenage daughters, in order to spare our girls the pain of watching their mother continue to struggle with drug addiction. The girls and I spent months without a home. Family shelters would not take me in along with my girls, so we chose to stay together, often sleeping in our car.

When I finally found a place for us, I didn't have enough money to pay for car repairs, rent and security deposit. I also needed furniture so my daughters wouldn't have to sleep on the floor in their new home.

With no one else to turn to, I reached out to IVSN, who worked with the Housing Industry Foundation (HIF) to help me with a $2,000 grant. I was able to pay my first month's rent and get my car fixed. I was finally able to provide my daughters with the warm, stable home I've always wanted for them.

I share my story with you now hoping that you'll support HIF's mission to help families like mine avoid being homeless. Many other Bay Area families will spend the holidays in the cold this season. Without HIF's help, my family might still be out there too.


EHF Grant Recipient
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