St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
My experience with Brian this afternoon
Dear Ones,

I am so grateful for the opportunity to visit with Brian each week and to bring you all with me through your prayers, love, and shared sacrament. I will tell you, as I heard from his cousin Kathleen this afternoon when I met her before visiting with Brian, and by evidence of what I see while I am with him, Brian goes NOWHERE without the prayer shawl we all laid hands on and offered our love and prayers! Kathleen would like to take it home and wash it, but he'll have nothing of that at the moment!

We spoke a great deal today about the soul and heart connection he felt with us as he worshiped with us and led us in music. He was especially remembering last Easter Eve and the glorious music at that service and then the complete glory of Easter. He recalled with great excitement the thrill he felt when he first played the Gloria on the organ. Luckily I have a video of him playing the organ, so I told him I'd play it for him next week when I visit. Here it is, if you'd like to listen to it. Just click below.
I can tell you that each week, including this one, I see progress in Brian both cognitively and physically. Today, in our lengthy conversation, especially about music, I think I saw most clearly his mental brilliance. I think typically I, and probably most of us, had connected with him at soul level through his music and now I am able to see him in a different context and realize the many gifts he offers the world. However, I think today the biggest shift I noticed was in his physical improvement, especially his left shoulder and hand.

We spent a lot of time in prayerful conversation, acknowledging the presence of God in his situation, in the struggles and the joys, as the Spirit was able to draw us into that safe place of spiritual companionship and trust. I shared with him parts of our bishop's sermon, in which she encouraged us to "choose life" and I felt confident that he took that message in at depth.

I do invite and encourage you to continue praying your heart out for Brian. I believe he is counting on us for connection and community and offering this to him feels to me to be the faithful path to travel.

I continue to hope and pray for Brian's full recovery and I invite you to do so with me. L et us faithfully continue in love and prayer, in the name of Christ.

Many blessings,
We continue our faithful prayers.
Each morning I post a prayer and/or spiritual reflection on our Facebook page and on our website for Brian and for all those on our hearts in need of healing. Please feel free to add your prayers too. To access the prayers on our website, please click here. 
In the hours before dawn, when the earth appears silent and asleep, let us know, dear Lord, that your voice beckons us awake into life, love, joy and hope. As the morning arises, so may our souls arise to your life-giving force. As the morning sun breaks through the horizon, may our hearts break open with your love, sharing it with all whom we meet this day. As the birds begin to appear, delighting our world with their beauty, may we look for your glory around us. We ask, dear Lord, that this day, and all days, hold us, heal us, and love us so we may be shaped by your goodness. We pray all this in your holy name. Amen.