St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
My experience with Brian this afternoon
Dear Ones,

Being sent out by all of you to visit with Brian and share communion with him as we have shared it together that morning is very meaningful to me, and hopefully for you, and it certainly is for Brian. I shared with him the video Peter took this morning of you all sending me forth and he was very touched by it. Brian asked about all of you and tells everyone that we are "his church people" and that makes me very glad. He is able now to know and count on the routine that I'll visit on Sunday and that we'll share communion and that reminds me once again of how God's faithfulness often shows up in our faithfulness to one another, and how the gift of showing up to each other should never be underestimated.

I saw amazing cognitive and physical improvement this week. He seemed calm, focused, and ready to continue the hard work of recovery. We spoke a lot about his playing the piano and how his brain is learning to figure out how to play with one hand stronger than the other.

I also showed him several videos, one of his playing our organ, one of his playing the piano with Alexander playing the trombone, and the one of Lisa and Shannon last week -- and he loved them all. He was really happy to feel a part of our community again.

I came away encouraged by his progress, optimistic of his continued recovery, and strengthened in my hopefulness that he'll be back among us at some point.

Please do continue to pray for him. The movement of God in his life and recovery is very evident to me, so let's keep opening up that space within him through our prayers for him to embrace the healing God is offering to him. We are, after all, his "church people".

In Christ's abiding love,
With our hearts and prayers, and from the Holy Communion we just shared with one another and with Christ, we send you forth bearing these holy gifts to Brian, our Church Musician, and others whoa re in need, that they may feel our love and presence, be supported by our shared sacrament, and be uplifted and strengthened by the love of Christ, for we who are many are one body, because we all share one bread and one cup. Amen.
We continue our faithful prayers.
Each morning I post a prayer and/or spiritual reflection on our Facebook page and on our website for Brian and for all those on our hearts in need of healing. Please feel free to add your prayers too. To access the prayers on our website, please click here. 
As you know, Brian certainly shaped my soul, and I imagine many of your souls, as he would play the Offertory, when he would close his eyes, be one with the piano, and then co-create with God. It was as though the music came from God's heart, through Brian's and into ours.

Here's a closing blessing from Christine Valters Paintner (the spiritual guide I am connected to in Ireland), as she writes about our work being an extension of God's creativity and our opportunity to co-create with God.

Let us pray it into our hearts this early morning--

God who labors through us,
we bring our full presence to work
and enter into an act of co-creation with you.
Support me in the endeavor to do everything with love,
remembering that each small act of compassion
is woven together into a great tapestry of kindness.
Bless my hands as I offer my gifts
in service to your unfolding grace.
With great and growing love, and with blessings, Barbara