As you might have heard, I'm launching a new company called Segue Advisors. Since I believe it could be invaluable to a business like yours, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about it.
Growth & Analysis  


After I left Milestone Advisors, I got to thinking: What's the real secret to growth? How could any company become more competitive? Would having the right insights and information really make a difference? 


The answers to these questions inspired me to create Segue Advisors, which is dedicated to providing two things:
  1. Data-driven analysis that tells companies like yours how you're doing.
  2. Experience-driven insights from C-suite veterans in finance, marketing, H.R. and strategic planning that tell you how you could be doing better.
Simple, right?
To make it easy for you to say "Yes," I've developed three tools your company can use right now to improve performance: 


  • Segue 20 - 20 data points, top-level performance analysis and peer indexes so you can find out how you compare.
  • Segue Advantage - 80 data points, detailed performance analysis, peer & peak performer indexes.
  • Segue 360 - all of the above, but completely customized for your company, including one-on-one analysis, and tactical and strategic recommendations from our team of "C-Suite" veterans.
Want to learn more?
If you're serious about growing your business and increasing its value, click this link to visit or let me follow up with a phone call or meeting.
I look forward to hearing from you.




Glenn Dunlap
Segue Advisors

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Help us help you. Achieving critical mass is a top priority, so we're offering the next 17 companies that sign up for the SEGUE 360 or the SEGUE ADVANTAGE a 50% discount. If you want to know how you compare to peers and peak performers, this is a win-win that will help you do business better.