Madloose News
October 19, 2017
Breaking news: We are building an informative section describing and illustrating many types of pre-production proofs on our website 

Archival Pre Production Proofs from many countries and containing many topics can be found in our store!

We have many items with different designs from issued, different denominations,different colors and designs from one country issued by a different country...These scarce items are unique or maybe 2,4 or 6 exist...but that does not mean that there is more than 1 item for sale as many of these proofs get lost or discarded years after the issued stamps appear on the market! We have seen similar proofs offered for many times higher than our reasonable prices. These proofs were not made to sell to collectors and therefore are very hard to find and are very scarce.

We also have many other items for sale at very attractive prices including Postal History and Zeppelin covers.

You can contact us at our email address about your collecting needs where we can discuss payment plans or you can deal with us directly on ebay.

Please visit our Ebay store to view many items new to our inventory -