October 21, 2019  

Dear Neighbor:

As you probably know, elections are being held this year in both Gaithersburg and Rockville.  In both of these wonderful municipalities, there are contested elections for 4-year terms, so it's important that you cast your VOTE!!

15 Candidates in Rockville!
I believe that part of being a leader is demonstrating leadership. For that reason, I've decided that it was important to share my thoughts about the contested elections for Mayor & Council. 
Mayor Bridget Newton and Councilmember Virginia Onley have contrasting voting records and visions for Rockville's future. You can learn more on  their websites, linked above.  
Thirteen residents are seeking your support for the four seats on the Rockville City Council.  Councilmember Onley and Mayor Newton have each chosen candidates to run on their slates. To be clear, there is no requirement that you support all-- or any-- of the candidates on either slate. 
For the first time, Rockville is conducting its election by mail. Every resident should have received a ballot. If you did not get one, contact the City Clerk at 240-314-8286 or by email. You can vote for Mayor and for up to four candidates for City Council.
One candidate is sharing her extreme views that I don't believe reflect Rockville's welcoming and diverse values. She was selected for neither slate, although you may have seen her signs around the City. (Sometimes, she gets homeowners' permission; sometimes, she just places her signs in their yards.) Perennial candidate Brigitta Mullican echoes the White House's hateful views on immigrationdenies the scientific evidence of climate change; and is the only candidate who supports the Hogan plan to widen I-270. Finally, it's worth noting that in Rockville's nonpartisan elections, she is the only candidate engaging in partisan politics, having been officially endorsed by the Montgomery County Republican Party on its website.   It concerns me that a candidate who is willing to bring party politics into Rockville's  nonpartisan elections could continue to involve deliberately partisan politics in governance if she were to be elected.

Whether you prefer " Team Rockville," " Rockville Forward," candidates on neither slate, or some mixture (and I know virtually all of these candidates) is your choice. My strong recommendation is that you NOT vote for for a fear-monger whose views will not advance our wonderful City and our hopes for a thriving future.
This election will have an impact on jobs, schools, transportation, budget priorities, our environment and parks, Rockville Town Center, and even the very character of our city. You can learn about each of the candidates by reading their candidate questionnaires and/or by watching video of some of their debates and profiles.

Continuity in Gaithersburg

Gaithersburg is well-managed and, in my opinion, is addressing challenges and continuing its record of success. I support the three incumbent Councilmembers seeking reelection. 

Neil Harris is a hard-working Councilmember with expertise in technology who also represents our region's interests on transportation issues. 
Veteran Councilmember  Ryan Spiegel is not only a Gaithersburg leader but has been elected as the statewide President of the Maryland Municipal League! In that capacity, he helps advocate for the interests of our State's 157 cities and towns. Councilmember Rob Wu often brings an independent perspective based on his career in federal government.
In Summary...
PLEASE be sure to VOTE!   Turnout in municipal elections tends to be embarrassingly low, so your vote in either Rockville or Gaithersburg will be especially influential.  Learn more about the elections on these websites: 
Finally, you can keep up with news, Senatorial scholarship applications, upcoming events, and legislative developments by visiting www.CherylKagan.org.  It's easy to stay in touch with me via Facebook at Sen. Cheryl C. Kagan, on Twitter at @CherylKagan, and on Instagram at @CherylCKagan

Cheryl C. Kagan
State Senator, District 17
Rockville & Gaithersburg
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By authority of Citizens Helping Elect Cheryl Kagan (C.H.E.C.K.), Michael Frazier, Chair; Roger Heymann, Treasurer.