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More hospital data now in MyChart!
Based on feedback received from users, we are pleased to announce the following updates to the data available in MyChart:
  • Historical information is now available, with the exception of discharge summaries (those remain available from October 1, 2018 onwards).
  • Lab results are now viewable in real-time!
Benefits evaluation survey feedback
Approximately 8,000 surveys were distributed this summer to gather feedback from current MyChart users in an effort to enhance the patient experience and interaction with the portal. A total of 1,850 surveys were completed, either partially or in full. 

While users are enjoying having electronic access to their health records, we did receive an overwhelming number of requests to make more data available in MyChart, and to have more data released in real-time.

We listened to your feedback, and are pleased to announce that historical information, prior to January 1, 2018, is now available in MyChart, and that lab results are now available in real-time - no delay! A few notable results of the survey are outlined below:
  • The majority of MyChart users agreed that MyChart made them feel more confident in managing their (or their dependent's) health and well-being
  • 46% of respondents experienced a decrease in concern/anxiety about their health status as a result of using the regional patient portal (27% answered they were unsure or the question was not applicable)
  • 44% of respondents reported that the last time they viewed their health information online through the portal, it helped them to manage their own health (33% answered they were unsure or the question was not applicable)
" This is a game changer. We absolutely love that we have access now to our son's lab helps us understand our son's health and we feel much more prepared to ask informed questions." 
- Caregiver, Woodstock General Hospital

We will continue to review the feedback that was provided in the surveys to better address the needs of patients and their caregivers.
MyChart: By the numbers
As of October 28, 2019:
  • There were 15,503 patients within south west Ontario who have been registered for a MyChart account.
  • Collectively, MyChart users within south west Ontario logged into the portal collectively more than 49,000 times.
What data is available in MyChart?
The following data is available to MyChart users in south west Ontario:
  • Allergies
  • Medication lists
  • Blood bank results
  • Laboratory tests
  • Radiology reports
  • Pathology reports
  • Microbiology results
  • Genetics results 
  • Discharge summaries

MyChart users may also request access to their data from other participating sites, not located in South West Ontario.


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Private practices can register patients for MyChart
With the ongoing expansion of MyChart throughout the region, we are now able to support private practices, such as primary care organizations across south west Ontario, to register their patients for MyChart accounts! Offering MyChart registration outside of the acute care setting enables patients to more easily gain access to their health records, because they don't need to travel to the hospital to get registered which saves time, effort and money.

We would like to acknowledge the Smithville Medical Centre Family Health Team as the first Family Health Team to begin offering MyChart registration to patients (as of August 1st). The Burlington Family Health Team will soon follow, as they align their MyChart deployment with Joseph Brant Hospital's MyChart deployment.
Congrats to our new deployed sites!
Congratulations to Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital and Alexandra Hospital who began offering MyChart to patients on August 8th, 2019. Patients at these hospitals can now register for their own MyChart account in-person by visiting the Health Records department.
Pictured is Sandy Jansen, President & CEO of Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital and Alexandra Hospital, registering for her very own account with the help of project lead, Mark Berry of the HITS eHealth Office.
Congratulations to South Huron Hospital Association who began offering MyChart to patients on October 22nd and to St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital who began offering MyChart to patients on October 30th.

Pediatric hospital now registering patients for MyChart

The McMaster Children's Hospital and the Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre of Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) was busy preparing to go-live with MyChart leading up to their official deployment on November 4th.

The team was mindful in their approach, and have done a great job ensuring the sites' clinical staff are well aware of the latest digital health tool now available to their patients, using social media, town hall meetings, staff presentations, huddles, registration booths, and volunteer resources. They issued a call for volunteers throughout the community to support the launch of MyChart, and had an astonishing 40 volunteers who expressed interest in being MyChart ambassadors.

MyChart is now being offered at all registration points, as well as at an information desk in the lobby for patients aged 12-17. Congratulations to the team who made this possible!
Pictured above: Alita Sevilla, HHS volunteer, Jennifer Lounsbury, Chief of Interprofessional Practice, Beth Murray, Transformational Analyst, HITS eHealth Office.
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MyChart is a secure online service operated by Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and being made available in south west Ontario by the HITS eHealth Office at Hamilton Health Sciences. MyChart provides patients, and their authorized caregivers, access to a comprehensive view of their health information.