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Breathing and swallowing may seem effortless, as our brain directs our body to function correctly in order to sustain and support proper breathing and swallowing. In the process of the body doing this, it may not be obvious that the body also makes constant adjustments to keep the throat open and working optimally so we can breathe. Starting with the tongue, which can actually prevent the mouth, jaw and throat from functioning properly. It is not uncommon for the tongue to shift from it's optimal position, narrowing and closing the throat, while decreasing air intake and swallowing efficiency. Disturbance of normal muscle reflex mechanisms, result in interferences with primary oral functions of breathing, swallowing and speaking.


The body reacts by making adjustments in an effort to function optimally. Compensations from oral imbalances, increase stress in the body. Over time this can become extremely damaging to ones health. This stress can result in headaches, Temporomandibular Dysfunction, disruptions in sleep, anxiety, feeling "on edge", Sleep Apnea, issues with posture, chronic aches and pains in the body, low immune system and other symptoms.


Many types of stress and other health concerns, originate in the mouth. An increase in adrenaline is a natural reaction to stress. Adrenaline is released into the body to help it cope with stress. This puts us into a "fight or flight" mode, increasing anxiety and bursts of energy to muscles while at the same time making the body more susceptible to chronic low energy, chronic pain, injury and adrenal fatigue. When the stress goes on too long, a person may experience Adrenal exhaustion, and maybe more susceptible to infections and other illnesses as the body's defenses have been spent on dealing with a stressor. Addressing oral issues can result in a remarkable restoration of wellness and quality of life.


We have helped people recover their health and vitality with a variety of solutions for oral issues and imbalances. Check out these testimonials from patients who came in for dental treatments and regained back their health!



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