Please note the edits to our original message below in red . Yes - we know the red snapper season is in July and not August! So please reference the revised information and pardon the earlier typos in our efforts to crunch numbers and get this information out to you.

A reminder - the second part of the 5-day recreational season starts tomorrow, Friday, July 19th and runs through midnight Saturday, July 20th.
Initial Fishing Reports Are In!
Portion 1 of the 2019 Atlantic Red Snapper Season
Thank you to all who reported through MyFishCount during the first portion of the 2019 red snapper mini-season. Your reports helped us gather more information and insight. Below is a summary of some of the preliminary data for the first portion of the red snapper mini-season with information through July 14, 2019 . We will also send you updated reports from the second portion ( Friday, July 19th and Saturday, July 20th ) and any additional trips completed. So, don't forget to submit any active trips you may still have open!
Please encourage your fellow anglers to continue to report all of their catches for red snapper mini-season and beyond!
MyFishCount-Reported Highlights
  • 68% of fish reported were red snapper
  • Largest red snapper was 38 inches and weighed 28 lbs.
  • Smallest red snapper was 8 inches
  • Other fish reported include: lesser amberjack, gag grouper, king mackerel, and bank sea bass.
Species Reported During the First Portion of Atlantic
Red Snapper Mini-Season
Species Reported Through MyFishCount During the First Portion of Red Snapper Mini-Season

The figure above shows species in addition to red snapper that were reported during the first portion of red snapper mini-season. Remember - MyFishCount allows you to report all of your fish during each trip - throughout the year! It is important to log all species to the best of your ability in order for us all to learn more about our offshore fisheries and recreational reporting.
Red Snapper Catch and Release Information

Percent of Red Snapper Kept and Released

Preliminary results show that 73% of red snapper were kept during the first 3 days of the season.
Reported Red Snapper Lengths/Weights Compared to the Most Recent Stock Assessment (SEDAR 41)
Red snapper lengths and weights reported through MyFishCount compared to red snapper length and weights from SEDAR 41.

The line in this figure represents the length and weights for red snapper from SEDAR 41 (the last stock assessment completed for red snapper in 2017). Each point represents a length and weight for red snapper reported by an angler during the first portion of red snapper mini-season. The SEDAR 41 line falls between the points, indicating the lengths and weights reported by anglers are similar to the lengths and weights from SEDAR 41. 
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