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March 2014


Welcome to the March edition of MySoapBox Buzz!


In this issue are two opportunities to earn 25,000 points (immediately redeemable for a gift card), results from last month's contests, new charities to vote for, and more!


Thank you for your participation in the MySoapBox community. Please let us know if you have ideas for future newsletters, contests, and charities! 

February "Random Acts of Kindness" Contest Winner!

Marian S. won our "Random Acts of Kindness Day" Contest in February, earning 25,000 points! Contestants wrote to tell us about amazing moments of altruism they had witnessed in their lives.  


Marian shared the following entry:    


"Years ago, my sister and her now husband dated long distance for many years. One year, he came down to North Carolina for Christmas, and his car broke down, so she decided to take him back in her car. They were about half-way there ("there" is Columbus, OH) when her Jeep broke down as well.  


To make matters worse, they were in the middle of a snowstorm, it was about ten o'clock at night, traffic was sparse, and since they were in the mountains of Kentucky, neither had a signal on their cell phone.

Finally, someone did come along, and stopped to check on them. It was a middle aged couple that lived locally, on their way home. They actually took my sister and her boyfriend home with them, insisting they stay the night there, and feeding them a huge breakfast in the morning, with bacon, sausage, eggs and pancakes.  


When she told me about this, I was amazed at the kindness and generosity of these people who did so much for complete strangers. If only we were all so kind and generous, the world would be a much different place. " 




Marian says,"This is the first time I've ever won a contest before.  I enjoy being a member of MySoapBox because I like knowing my opinion can make a difference in products I consume, and I like being able to contribute a little to the household expenses.  Thanks so much, MySoapBox!."  


Congratulations, Marian!


Be sure to check out all the other great submissions in the Spotlight, and get your entry in for the March "Spring Cleaning" Contest! 

SoapBoxers Making a Difference

The National Down Syndrome Society won the February Charity Poll!


Thanks to everyone who voted on a charity for February! The choices were the National Down Syndrome Society, the USO, and the Autism Society of Michigan.


The winner was the National Down Syndrome Society, and they will be receiving a $500 check from MySoapBox. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!



We've already selected the March charities for consideration:
You can start placing your votes from now until midnight PST on Monday, March 31st. Ready to make your selection:




So far, $8,500 has been donated to charities chosen and voted on by you!  


After you vote, please drop by the 'Monthly Charity Submission Thread' on the Message Board, and suggest your favorite charity for consideration in next month's poll!   

Thanks for being an active member of MySoapBox! And don't forget to "Like" the MySoapBox Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!





















Please do not reply to this message.  If you would like to contact us, please email us at support@mysoapbox.com

In This Issue
Win 25,000 Points!
Refer a friend

Want another opportunity to earn 25,000 points and the opportunity to redeem your points for a prize?  


We've added a special public referral link to the Refer a Friend page on the MySoapBox website, making it easier to refer friends and family and earn points.  


For the month of March, we're running a contest in which the MySoapBox member who gets the most new members to join will win an additional 25,000 points along with the 250 points for each referral!


Sweepstakes rules can be found at MySoapBox Sweepstakes Rules


The contest begins now and ends midnight PST on Monday, March 31st.


Remember, you get 250 points for each referral who joins even if you don't win the contest.
February Refer a Friend Contest Winner!
Congratulations to Dharmendra G. from Jaipur for winning the February Refer a Friend Contest!

Dharmendra is a four-time winner, also winning the September, December  and January Refer a Friend Contests!

Dharmendra received 25,000 points plus 250 points for each referral.

He says, "It is really a joyful message for me that I am the winner again and again. I want to share one thing to you and all of your other members. I am participating in referral contests for many other survey panels, but MySoapBox is really different for me!"

Way to go, Dharmendra!

March "Spring Cleaning" Contest!

Soapboxers - are you ready for Spring?

Thursday, March 20th marks the official end of winter, and with it comes the annual spring cleaning ritual!

We want to hear your best clean up stories and tips! Have you ever participated in a charity clean-up? What about clean up around your home?

From small productivity tips all the way to renovations you've done, speak out and let us know!

To join the contest, go to the MySoapBox Spotlight Page, and submit your entries via words, pictures, and/or video.  


The contest runs until midnight PST on Monday, March 31st.  


The winner will receive 25,000 points immediately redeemable for a prize! We hope you take part in this fun contest! 


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