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Martine Elias, Executive Director
"Within the past week, the entire vaccination landscape has shifted. Canada now has 4 approved vaccines, there’s been a tremendous increase in vaccine deliveries, and conversely in the number of people being inoculated. We know more now about the makeup and efficacity of the vaccines than we did a few months ago, and new and encouraging information is coming daily.

Our turn will come. And it looks like it’ll be more on the sooner than later end of the spectrum. In the meantime, because of the nature of myeloma (and any other disease you may be battling),we must continue to rely on our resiliency and the measures we’ve been practicing that have kept us safe from the virus thus far. "
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Invitation to all cancer patients to complete a survey on patients’ experiences and knowledge on biomarker testing in Canada
All cancer patients previously-treated, or currently undergoing treatment, and/or their caregiver(s), are invited to complete a survey to gather their experiences and knowledge related to biomarker testing in Canada. The survey is an initiative of Colorectal Cancer Canada.
Insufficient patient knowledge surrounding diagnostic technologies, including biomarker testing, hinders cancer patients’ access to new treatments and better clinical outcomes. This survey will help assess needs and gaps in Canadian personalized medicine by gathering patients’ experiences with biomarker testing in cancer treatment centres across Canada.
Whether or not you have had biomarker testing, we would appreciate your input! The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.
This Myeloma Awareness Month (and always) YOU have the POWER!
It’s been about one month since we launched our 2021, “YOU have the POWER.” campaign and asked what you have the power to do. Your response has been amazing! We’re getting great feedback and are overjoyed to see many fantastic posts on your social media feeds. 
Keep the power flowing!

We'll be continuing to promote the 'YOU have the POWER.' campaign on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and on until the end of the month. We encourage you to do the same!
Let’s continue to use the power we each have to raise awareness and funds so the incredible advancements we’ve seen in myeloma drug therapies continue.
What do YOU have the POWER to do?
Questions? Please contact Marcie Baron, Manager Communications and Marketing at or call us toll-free, 1-888-798-5771.
Myeloma Awareness Day - and Myeloma Awareness Month - proclaimed in Canadian provinces
A huge shout-out to our community members who, through sheer grit and determination, succeeded in having March 1st proclaimed as Multiple Myeloma Awareness Day in Manitoba and BC, and Multiple Awareness Month in Alberta!
Our congratulations goes out to...
Jackey LaBossiere - for the province of Manitoba - Support Group Leader of My Myeloma Support Group in Winnipeg. This is the 3rd consecutive year Jackey has succeeded in obtaining the proclamation for Multiple Myeloma Awareness Day for Manitoba. It’s also the 3rd year that Jackey’s been able to have the city of Winnipeg light their sign in red in honour of the day.
The BC support groups, under the leadership of Bruce Marks and Phil Harbridge – for the province of British Columbia - Together, this team successfully obtained BC’s first proclamation for Multiple Myeloma Awareness Day. In honour of the day, the BC parliament building was lit up in red.
Honourable mention goes to Lieutenant Governor Judy M Foote of Newfoundland and Labrador for her tweet and for bathing Government House in a glow of burgundy lights in honour of Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month and Myeloma Canada. 
Let’s see if we can all rally together and get March 1 declared National Myeloma Awareness Day in 2022!
Whether individually or as a collective, you definitely have the power to make myeloma matter! Congratulations once again to all of you!
What's new at Myeloma Canada
A new web-based resource: Financial Implications of Living with Myeloma
If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with myeloma, you know how challenging it can be to find information that can help you manage your finances.Treatment can affect a person’s ability to work, remain independent, and be socially involved.
In response to the many financial-based questions and concerns we receive from our community members, Myeloma Canada has created a new web-based document called Financial Implications of Living with Myeloma. This guide was designed to provide you with reliable information you need to help you better understand the financial resources available to you on a federal, provincial and territorial level.
Given the nature of how quickly information related to the topics covered in this guide change, we’ve created Financial Implications of Living with Myeloma as a web-based document only. You may of course print out any sections you’d like. 
This guide, in addition to all Myeloma Canada's InfoGuides and Handbooks, are available, free-of-charge, on our website at Go to "Resources", and click on "Educational Publications". For more information, email us at or call toll-free: 1-888-798-5771.
The 2020 Myeloma Canada Community Awards: recognizing outstanding leadership from within our community
Every year, we’re honoured to recognize some of the remarkable volunteer leaders within our Myeloma Canada community. As we all know, 2020 had its fair share of obstacles and challenges, but that didn’t stop our awe-inspiring volunteers in their efforts to raise community awareness and funds for myeloma. We applaud their outstanding leadership, passion, commitment, and creativity in making myeloma matter. Find out who they are by clicking here or on the button.
Myeloma Canada welcomes 3 new Board members
We’re thrilled to have Nancy, Trevor, and Bill as our newest Myeloma Canada Board members. Their professional expertise and insights will not only enrich and enlighten our Board, but will have a positive impact on Myeloma Canada’s direction and programming.
Spotlight on Denise Picard-Stencer:
1-year post stem cell transplant and enjoying life to the fullest
Denise and her husband Lyle Stencer, sent us a video a few weeks ago documenting Denise’s journey with myeloma in celebration of her first anniversary, post stem cell transplant.

It’s amazing to see Denise’s transformation from diagnosis until now. Today, she’s out skiing, snowshoeing, and even did a 1,000km bike ride last summer to raise funds for research. She looks fantastic!

Denise and Lyle are honoured to share Denise’s story with you today.
Denise Picard-Stencer
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  • Medical Cannabis in Clinical Oncology: Present & Future - View Recording
  • Latest Myeloma Research Updates from the ASH 2020 Meeting​ - View Recording
  • Update on COVID-19 and Myeloma in Canada - View recording
  • Drugs Commonly Used for Multiple Myeloma Patients and Side Effects - View recording
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  • Jim's Story of Self Advocacy, Living With Myeloma for 28 Years - View recording 
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