Martinmas - November 11

A festival of light and sharing - make some simple lanterns for the table, 
or take your lanterns out for a magical, starlit lantern walk.

"Glimmer, Lantern, glimmer,
Little stars a-shimmer,
Over meadow moor and dale,
Flitter flutter elfin veil,
Pee-wit, pee-wit, tick-a-tick-a-tick,
Rou-cou, rou-cou...'
martinmas lanterns

Lanterns can be made in all sorts of shapes and sizes!  Here we have some origami paper lanterns decorated with some autumn leaves and a finger-knitted wool handle attached to a stick.  Also a dragon lantern and picture lantern made with the super  creative lantern set, a lantern made from a watercolour painting, and also a jam jar decorated with kite paper and leaves. The finger-knitted wool handles are made with   plant-dyed rainbow wool.  All are then warmly lit with the magical amber glow from a beeswax tealight secured with sticky wax to the inside base.

watercolour lanterns
Make simple lanterns from watercolour paintings: After wet-on-wet painting on some Aquarelle paper and letting it dry, oil the paper to make it more transparent (and it allows the light to shine through even more beautifully).  Fold and cut paper 1-2 cm apart along fold, and cut along one long side for lantern base.  Staple or glue together. Fold base flaps, and insert a disc of cardboard (re-use some food packaging) and then using paper glue, stick together. Let glue dry. Fix tealight to base with Sticky Wax. Make a handle with yarn leftovers or wire, and fix to the top of the lantern, ready for a walk! For greater safety, hang the lantern from a wire hook attached to a stick.  

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