Mysore Yoga CPH Newsletter
February 2013

The picture above is taken after a recent morning Mysore class. It's a clear demonstration of the purifying heat we co-create together in every class: an inner heat that builds health and vibrancy and strokes the fire of awareness.


The picture also carries a subtle promise of spring. As the season is slowly shifting into more light, we are preparing to celebrate our first year! This newsletter offers a sneak peak to our season of celebration. Please mark the date May 11th on your calendar as that's when a celebratory cake will be served!

Finally, as always, we remind you to do things your future self will thank you for. Those steps are something you cannot take in the mysterious land of hopes and unfullfilled dreams called tomorrow or next week. Take the steps towards the purifying heat now. See you there!

Final Call for the Thailand Retreat!
March 6th-15th with Mikko and Olle

Rooms at Samahita Retreat are now full, but the late birds can be accommodated at a neighbor. Easytime Resort Samui offers a high level of comfort and tranquility, and full access to Samahita is just a few meters away.

We invite you to take the journey to yourself as well as to sun and fun. You will leave this very special retreat renewed, recommitted and rejuvenated.

Special Guest May 8th - James Altucher
The Yoga of Paying Your Bills

James is a New York based hedge fund manager, author and blogger, well-known for his theories for success and happiness. This talk will take us straight to the core of yoga, how to be here and now, even when on the floor and broken.

Read James' blog and we are sure you will rush to meet him. Event is free!

Workshop with Petri R�is�nen, May 10th-12th
Mysore Yoga CPH One Year Celebration May 11th


Petri is an internationally respected Astanga yoga teacher, co-founder of one of the biggest Astanga shalas in the world and author of two Astanga books. The workshop is a unique opportunity to explore the tremendous energy that Astanga yoga practice can awaken within the body, mind and spirit.

Limited spaces available:
  • First group - 5 spots free
  • Second group - 4 spots free
  • Third group 9 spots free
May 11th cake, hygge and something special - stay tuned for more updates!

Movie and Popcorn!
Saturday February 16th,16-18.30
Worldwide Yoga Stops Traffick event, March 9th
We'll have a box for donations on the kitchen table on Sunday 10th.

Moon Days in February-April
25/2 full moon
11/3 new moon
27/3 full moon
10/4 new moon
25/4 full moon 

No Mysore classes
Sri R. Sharath Jois Teaching in Copenhagen, August 4th-9th  
The registration is open. Read more on the websites of Astanga Yoga Copenhagen:

Have a Drink!
Pure coconut water in the fridge, 20 kr per shot. Payment in cash. 
How to Learn Ashtanga Yoga? Led Class vs Mysore Class. 
Patanjali's Yoga Sutra in My Practice Today
Philosophy workshop with M�ns Broo, September 27th-29th

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