Mystical Power and the Breath of Spirit - Moon 7
The 28 day Dreamspell 7th Moon of Attunement began on January 10th and will end on February 6th. The 7th Moon focuses on finding the home within ourselves, our Mystical Power place, our direct connection with Source and the practical application of that Mystical Power. An incredible Journey of exploring the Mystery inside and out awaits adventurous souls.

The 7th Tone (Resonant) stands at the Center of the 13 Tones of Creation Breathing a Sacred Pause that connects what has been and what might be

This Moon we are asked to become increasingly aware of the Breath of Spirit that permeates ALL; to take the time to slow down, to listen and hear the messages blowing in the Wind and to be guided by our internal compass, We are invited to see beyond and through appearances and, standing at CENTER, to engage what we may experience as polarity within ourselves and in the world with LOVE and Equanimity. We are invited to notice the GRACES and MAGIC that surround us every day and to delight in the Extraordinary nature of the Ordinary
Messengers from Spirit

For the last four years as a collective ( beginning March 1 2012) we have been finding our authentic expression and/or tweaking what was once an authentic expression that we have outgrown, then working and playing toward birthing and being PRESENT in our everyday lives. Fully Embodying our Divine Design. Putting our Insides Outside!  - Simply Being - Re-Membering - What an incredible journey it has been learning these unique life dance steps for ourselves.

On March 1 2016, during the next Moon, the Trinities of rotating Mayan Solar Tribes and Tones will Change ushering in a new 4 year Seed Cycle. Are you feeling it? For now lets just say that this is a Time of great Transformation. Hang on Tight and Rise to the Occasion - Pause and Breathe Deeply. There's Magic in the Gaps that a Pause creates. New Opportunities are on the horizon. Centering and being at Home within ourselves is essential on this Sacred Journey as is the ability to Show Up and be Present for life as it magically unfolds. We are bridging worlds...honoring the ancient, while creating anew - forging new territory...inside out

In the Spirit of Simplicity, and Honoring each individual journey, few details are included in this issue. Instead I invite you to stand Present at this Transformational  juncture and Listen...What's on your most excellent Radar?

Breathe Deeply of the pervasive Presence
feel its exhilaration
I ignite the circuitry of your potential;
I mirror the potency of your presence,
the completion of your polarity.
I am the frequency of unseen forces through which,
in this moment, reality courses.
Hear me laughing as wind through the trees.
See me moving mighty ocean waves in rapturous vortices.
All I touch I stir into celebration.
excerpt from The Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury
Magical Child Poem, White Wind 
"Spirit merges with matter to sanctify the Universe. Matter transcends to return to Spirit. The interchangeability of Matter and Spirit means the starlit magic of the outermost life of our Universe becomes the soul-light magic of the innermost life of our self"

Dennis Kucinich

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I hope this reading will support your Attunement on this Sacred Visionary Journey. Also find a link to download the reading as a PDF file on the bottom of the page.
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Are you interested in learning more about Mayan Cosmology and how you can utilize it to enrich your life?
Are you interested in connecting with others who are working with the symbols and archetypes on this magical work and play ground?
There is an ongoing small Study Group in process that meets fairly regularly. Those participating have studied fundamentals, and we have worked personally with what calls to us about the process.
We are all interested in learning, sharing and growing together. Besides the Cosmology we use image and color to deepen understanding.
If interested please contact me, Sarah Gallant, at  for details. I am willing to work with anyone interested, providing insights and study materials as a 'catch-up' so that you can join in the study group and create your own journey path of growth and discovery. If you have already begun your study and are ready to join us we'd welcome you!
Learn more about the Possibilities Here


With Love and Gratitude for the Journey
Sarah Gallant

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