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Welcome to the Talking Alternative 2013 Newsletter!

Communications, in one form or another, is essential for life. Without it, we cannot get even basic things done. The quality of our lives is truly determined by the ability for us to have quality communication with each other. Here at Talking Alternative we continue to look for even more ways in which to improve the quality of our communications. If you have suggestions for how we can do that, please tell us! We want to hear from you, our listeners, about what you want to hear on our station! 


Now let's get started this Thursday with The Music Power Hour with Sloan & Austin at 11am EDT. OFriday we have The Conscious Consultant Hour ~Awakening Humanity~ with Sam Liebowitz starting at 11am EDT, followed by The Business Tree with Patricia Warner at 12 Noon EDT, and we finish off with the unflappable Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio at 1pm EDT.
 Thursday 11am ET - The Music Power Hour
Ausin & Sloan
Ausin & Sloan

Thursdays kick off with The Music Power Hour with Austin Marolla and Sloan Wainwright, two talented performing singer-songwriters, and two powerful healers - with One Voice! This Thursday, September 19th at 11:00am, the show is celebrating The Muses, Mythology and Music with very special guest - Jungian Master Astrologer, Mythologist and fellow host of Living Consciously's - Montgomery Taylor. It's the crossover event of the year on Music Power Hour with Living Consciously's Monty Taylor in one grand hour. Toga Party Thursday on MPH! Let's celebrate the Gods and Goddesses and the many sacred stories that are linked to all of us. We'll be having lots of fun touching upon "true stories" and "false stories" Myth and Fable and the how stories have helped establish customs, institutions and taboos. Our musical conversation will include songs & music that connect us to Mythology and the Muses. Send us your favorite song that make you think of Mythology. Share your stories with us. We want to hear from you, so call in at 877-480-4120! Go to our facebook page - "The Music Power Hour with Austin Marolla & Sloan Wainwright" - "Like" us and let us know some of your favorite songs and stories that you want to share with us this week. Please join us for our show on "The Muses and Mythology and Music" with our multi-talented friend, Jungian Master Astrologer, Mythologist and fellow host on's Living Consciously, Monty Taylor, this Thursday, September 19th at 11am EST - LIVE.  Click here to tune in this Thursday to an uplifting and healing exploration starting at 11am Eastern.

 Friday 11am ET - The Conscious Consultant Hour
Sam Liebowitz
Sam Liebowitz
Friday we start off with The Conscious Consultant Hour ~Awakening Humanity~ with Sam LiebowitzThis week, Sam's guest is Dr. John Muciaccia, an author, high school English teacher and administrator. He holds a doctoral degree from New York University and enjoyed a stellar career in the public school system in New Jersey. He was vice-principal of Palisades Park High School in Bergen County. Before that administrative position, he taught English to eleventh and twelfth graders. Dr. John, as his friends call him, was the founder and sponsor of the "Famous People Program" at Palisades Park High School, which hosted 180 guests from all walks of life during its 21-year history. In 2010 Dr. Muciaccia's first book was published entitled Thinking In English, which was met with rave reviews. That book covered his methods for teaching English to foreign-born adults. The soon-to-be-published Spirit Lives! contains Dr. John Muciaccia's interviews with approximately 20 professional mediums and psychics, and 20 "ordinary" people who have had extraordinary experiences with or through Spirit. The purpose of Spirit Lives! is to give the reader knowledge of what happens when we physically die. It is a book of hope based on interviews with some of the world's most fascinating mediums and ordinary people. Some of those interviewed in Spirit Lives! include the Brazilian healer, John of God; Frank St. James, a gifted man who works with police departments to find missing people; and Roland Comtois, a well-known medium in New England.  Click here to listen in all starting at 11am ET!
Friday 12noon ET - The Business Tree
Patricia Warner
Patricia Warner

Then on Friday comes one of our newest shows, The Business Tree with Patricia Warner, dedicated to empowering, encouraging and teaching entrepreneurs and business owners. This Friday, September 20th, Patricia will finish the conversation about Pricing that she started last week. Listeners will find out what to do protect their businesses from lawsuits whether dealing with customers, employees, vendors or the public at large. Friday's show may also include a discussion on the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. There are countless details that we must mindful of as business owners and The Business Tree is here to bring you as many of those details possible. Every week you will continue to receive insights on how to operate a successful business. Remember to tell every entrepreneur you know about The Business Tree. This show is all about empowering, encouraging and teaching entrepreneurs and business owners. Every week we bring you information that can help propel your growth. This show is like having your own business consultant to help guide your decisions so take full advantage and listen regularly. If you want to hear a particular topic, please contact the host Patricia, at 917-833-4860 or through and give your suggestions. Be sure to tune in at noon this Friday, September 20th and be empowered! Click here to listen in all starting at 12 Noon ET!

Friday 1pm ET - Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio
Tony Martignetti

Next on Friday it's Tony Martignetti Nonproift Radio - Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%. The Nonprofit Outcomes Toolbox - Dr. Robert Penna, author of "The Nonprofit Outcomes Toolbox" discusses the wave of reliance on outcomes measurement, and gives concrete steps and tools so that small and mid-size shops can stay ahead of the trend toward outcomes assessment. We also talk about Easy Bake ovens and my Eagle Scout project (as an example of what NOT to do). This is part 1 of our interview from a previous show. Part 2 is next week. Then, News Sources/New Source - Maria Semple, our doyenne of dirt cheap and free ideas in prospect research, is also The Prospect Finder. She's got advice for you on which news sources are best for your research, and a new free offering from The Foundation Center, "Foundation Directory Online." Click here as Tony begins his informative show at 1pm ET!

Monday 11am ET - The Double Diamond Hour
Dr Millie Lytle
Dr Millie Lytle


On Monday at 11am EDT it's The Double Diamond Hour with Dr. Millie and Sam Liebowitz, a show dedicated to all things health & wellness related! Featuring two of the practitioners from Double Diamond Wellness, Dr. Millie Lytle and Sam Liebowitz (as well as guest appearances from our other practitioners), this show will feature information and interviews on topics ranging from Food & Nutrition, Energy Medicine, Qi Gong to Psychotherapy! Click here to tune in to be educated and empowered starting at 11am Eastern.

Monday 12 Noon ET - Living Consciously
Montgomery Taylor



Then it's Living Consciously with Montgomery Taylor. Monty will be continuing his tales from the astrological front and bringing us more great information and understanding for our daily lives. Click here to tune in to hear more wonderful insights and wisdom starting at 12 Noon Eastern.

Monday 1pm ET - Health, Wealthy & Smart
Karen Litzy
Karen Litzy
Next you'll hear Healthy, Wealthy & Smartwith Karen Litzy,it's more information on Physical Therapy and how it helps the human body. This is your chance to ask your burning questions to Karen and get them answered on the air! Click here to tune in for some awesome information &  tips starting at 1pm!
Tuesday 9pm ET - The Ivory Tower Radio Program
Larry Sharpe
Larry Sharpe


Tuesday on The Ivory Tower Radio Program, with your Neo-Sage, Larry Sharpe. Reality based talk. No left or right padding, just hard truth! Provocative and practical talk for the realist and the skeptic. Do you see how the current environment is slowly drawing us into a mind-numbed fantasy of false hope from a mythical past and wishful thinking of a magical answer based on ideology, faith or positive thinking? Then join a conversation that can balance the "Ideology over Intellect" culture that we are surrounded by. Click here to join your Neo-Sage for answers & discussion on Tuesday from 9 - 11pm Eastern. 

The Inaugural Meeting of

The New Earth Society


Please join us for this very special evening at

the Double Diamond Wellness Center,
125 West 72nd Street, Suite 2F, NY, NY

Wednesday September 25th, 2013

from 6:45pm to 9:00 pm.


In our first meeting we will introduce the concept of personal responsibility for the world around us and ask what are some basic actions we can take to live more compassionately. Our intention is that by living more compassionately ourselves, we will affect the world around us in a positive manner and spread the message around the world.


The meeting will start with a short meditation, some opening remarks by the founder of this movement, and then a discussion about what it means to live a compassionate life.


Please bring your friends and your ideas, and let's figure this out together. In future meetings we will dive deep into specific individual topics, and what does it mean to apply compassion to those individual areas of our lives.


At the end of each meeting we will all commit to whatever action we individually feel is the way to implement the ideas discussed before the next meeting. In other words, everyone gets to decided what their own homework is!


We look forward to seeing you at our first event! Please spread the word.


These meetings are provided on a donation basis for now, but when we move to a larger venue, we will be asking for a set fee to cover the room costs, but no one will ever be turned away for lack of money.

To RSVP, please go to our meetup group here:

Double Diamond Wellness 



Master Say Sheppard 

for a special evening of

Danjeon (Tantien) Breathing and Five Element Exercises*

*For first time breathers and for those who wish 

to take their breathing to the next level.  


Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

6:30pm - 9pm


Master Say Sheppard is a past guest on the Double Diamond Hour and has just returned to American after 10 years of training in South Korea on the art of danjeon (tantien) breathing for wellness.


He is a direct disciple of Suroso Mun, who wrote over 20 books on reaching enlightenment through the Korean Seon Taoist tradition. Say just wrapped up a tour in S. Africa and has released a new DVD series and book called FeelBetterOnYourOwn. He will share with you simple, effective and time-proven exercises and breathing methods that anyone of any age can do to release stress and pain and get back their clarity, stamina and health.


The workshop will include:

  • basic five element exercises that include rotating joints, shaking, rubbing, tapping, kicking, laughing to move stuck energy and detox the body.
  • posture meditations to open the skeleton of the body
  • locating and breathing from your danjeon (tantien) spot in a lying position in order to root it.

Say says, "Finding your danjeon spot is like finding your diamond in the rough. You have been seeking for this your whole life, but you couldn't locate it. Here's your chance today. You can search the world over for this secret, but in fact it's inside of you. It's a self-awakening."


Double Diamond Wellness Center 
125 West 72nd Street, Suite 2F 
New York, NY 10023 
6:30pm - 9pm, October 2nd, 2013 
Exchange: only $20!


Please RSVP - limited seating (only 10 people) so please reserve your spot soon!


To RSVP, please go to our meetup group here:



Friends of
(by Famous Designer Giorgio GUCCI)
Celebrity Annual Platinum
Red Carpet Networking Event
To be held on Tuesday October 22 2013,
from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at
The beautiful Penthouse
of the world famous
268 West 47th Street (8th Avenue) 
New York, NY 10013
Fabulous Fashion Shows, Award night, Speakers, Entertainment, Fabulous Networking and Door Prizes. Network with elite professionals, diplomats, artists, singers, members of the movie and television industry, members of the press, the friends of Black Tie International Magazine And surprise VIP guests! Produced by: Gloria Consolacion Tamayo Cressler President/CEO/Founder: Elite Professional Networking Group P.R., Business & Networking Coach, Branding & Event Producer Company Editor: Black Tie International Magazine Member: United Nations Association & Foundation & UNA Women Organization, Ambassador: Power Team International


This year's Awardee is Rita Cosby

RITA COSBY is a renowned Emmy winning TV host, veteran correspondent and best selling author who anchored highly rated primetime shows on Fox News Channel and MSNBC. She is currently a special correspondent for the top-rated CBS newsmagazine Inside Edition and hosts WOR's acclaimed radio program, The Rita Cosby Show. She's been interviewed or profiled by hundreds of media outlets across America and overseas. Rita was selected by Cosmopolitan Magazine as a "Fun and Fearless Female," and because of her "extraordinary journalism," October 11th, 2010 was officially named "Rita Cosby Day" in the State of New York.

The Keynote Speakers are:

Bill Walsh is the CEO and Founder of Power Team International. He host and speaks at events all over the world. His passions is to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to create a massive success. He is known as Americas business expert. 

Karen Hoyos is a Global Transformational Leader, Celebrity coach, Speaker & Author; Applying the principles she teaches, Karen has reached millions of people through her seminars, top television show appearances, published articles, and best-selling products. Karen Hoyos is frequently sought to awaken, refresh and transform the lives of people around the world.


The Fashion Designer is ISABEL LOPEZ

And the models are headed by: German born Actress and Model Denise Dietrichs Top 20 in Victoria Secret Angel Tour Winner of ELLE MAGAZINE MODEL, for more than 8 years from runway to catalogs. She was also in the movie with Leonardo De Carpio Titled: "The Wolf at Wall Street"

Angelina Shipilina was born in russia, She won the title of Miss Dispiora International and work with clients like Piaget, Escada, Max Mara, Donna Karan and many major fashion houses, she was in a play in broadway and also in the movies with Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson, and on TV Shows like Law & Order, White Colar, Blue Blood and Life in March.

And, see the world's newest exotic sports car

This is a half-million dollar luxury race car with a limited production of only fifty vehicles worldwide. With 750 horsepower and a twin turbo engine this rolling work of art is faster and more furious that any car you have ever seen... or heard! And meet Nick Alessi - the artist, designer & builder of the AR-1 and have a picture taken with him, the AR-1 Supercar, fashion models and celebrity guests.


The event starts at 6:00pm.



A group picture for Black Tie Magazine will be taken before the fashion show - so arrive early. Each month we honor and recognized returning Veterans to thank them for their sacrifices to our country. Portions of the proceeds of our networking event benefits different veteran charity organizations.

Bring your business cards to win great door prizes and make new business contacts.


This event always sells out. Space is very, very limited. They stop accepting guests once capacity is reached so register today! (by mailing your check or paying via paypal)


Complimentary hot and cold buffet and desserts cash bar with special prices for wines, liquors, and beers.

The names and checks must be send together for group prizes, and postmark between now and September 15. 
After September 15, the cost is $ 55.00 per person. Till October 17, at the door - cash only $ 75.00 per person. 


If you have a Paypal account, you can send payment to this email address: (please make sure to use the right email address) or you can mail a check. Make checks payable to Elite Professional Networking and send it to:


Elite Professional Networking Group

132 East 43rd Street #146SL

New York, New York 10017


For additional information e-mail:


Please include your name, your company's name, and your preferred e-mail address for confirmation, and for future Invitations. Please provide a cell phone number so we can text you in the event your e-mail bounces, and provide the same information for all of your guests.



Black Tie or fashionable business attire for men, cocktail dress, evening gown, or fashionable business attire for ladies. Please - no jeans. You need to be properly dressed to be admitted!



The Pre-Thanksgiving Party will be on Tuesday, Nov. 19, and our Christmas Party will be on Monday, Dec. 2. Venue: The Trump Tower International World Bar by the United Nations.

We always have great events coming up, so don't forget to check out our Event Page by Clicking Here to read all about our latest upcoming events and more.

Thank you, as always, for all of your support,


Sam Liebowitz
Talking Alternative Broadcasting
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