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Myths & Misadventures Episode 4 on Jason & the Argonauts is
available now!
The fourth episode Myths & Misadventures, NHM's new video series is now live!

In this online educational series, NHM staff member Cairo Dye will tell a tale (or several) about gods, heroes & monsters from Greek Mythology in each episode.

In this episode, Cairo tells the story of Jason & the Argonauts and their many adventures on the quest for the Golden Fleece

FROM THE COLLECTIONS – All aboard! This photograph was taken by George Phillos in the 1930s as he traveled throughout the United States with his camera in tow. Back when he was traveling the country, widespread commercial air travel had not yet come into existence, and he traveled by rail on trains such as the one pictured here. You can learn more about the world Phillos photographed in our new digital exhibit, Snapshots of Life: The George Phillos Photograph Collection.

NHM Collection. 2003.26.205. Courtesy of John Secaras.


Visitors to NHM exhibitions and tours are invited to interact hands-on with culture and to reflect about making their own place in history. The legacy of Hellenism lives on through active learning at the Museum!


NHM has developed a variety of online educational content, including online videos and our first digital exhibition, Snapshot of Life: The George Phillos Photograph Collection.


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