physical therapy myths:
expectations vs. reality
So you’ve been referred to physical therapy. Now what? You’ve heard the gamut of stories ranging from wildly successful to absolute horror. You probably have lots of questions and concerns. Is it right for me? What are they actually going to be able to do for me? Am I wasting my time? I’m here to correct a few of the big myths of PT!
“My brother/cousin/mama/friend/coworker said you were going to hurt me.”   

This is one of the most common statements I hear on evaluation day. We’ve all heard the nicknames given to PTs: “Pain and Torture,” “Physical Terrorists,” “queen/king of pain.” With commentary like that, of course you will be a little nervous. 

Admittedly, physical therapy isn’t always fun. We make you move and work in ways you probably haven’t in a while. We exercise muscles you didn’t know existed. We find those tender spots and work on them. But, for the vast number of patients, it shouldn’t be painful. Our goal is always for you to feel better when you leave than when you came in.

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Our first episode of July brought Huntsville Clinic Director, Dr. Elizabeth Whitehead, down the hallway and into our office to get her take on this month's blog about Common Myths of PT, and of course we thought of more to quiz her on!

Then we had lots to celebrate on our favorite segment, Therapy on the Rocks, with an easy to make French 75 in hand!

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