One year later and Munnfest is still flowing...
Rev. David Wynn

My heart can barely wrap itself around the idea that today it has been one year since Mzzzzz Munn crossed that mysterious threshold from this life to the next. We call it dying. I will not ever forget Kathy’s last words… “I love you, you’re my family.” Cassy and I were the only two in the room and yet I understood that she was talking about Agape'. Now, don’t get me wrong…those were Kathy’s last words but not her last communication. For a good bit after that she was writing notes like “what else do I need to tell you.” She was always taking care of things…taking care of us.   
Almost half of Kathy’s life was spent in service to this place we call love. I’ve almost decided that God creates a certain group of folks whose calling is to imagine and assemble the structure and foundation for the callings of everyone else. They are supernaturally loyal, committed, clear, generous, energetic, and seem to quietly weave themselves in and out of the tapestry of a community that is always becoming more than it knew it could be. 

So, one year later Kathy is still a major contributor to our community. She is still making sure that we are here for all people and I still hear her telling me to keep a special eye on the “Urban Hermits”, those who keep to themselves and at some point, need to be coaxed out just a bit. I believe she wanted, more than anything, for everyone to know they are loved and have a family…it’s the mission of Agape' that Kathy helped weave together.  

Sometimes still…when I am in my office and someone show’s up unexpectedly and I hear them unlocking the door of Agape' I will think, for a split second, it’s Kathy. Often, in a different form, it is.