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N.C. Governor Signs Law Allowing On-Site Cocktails and More Bottle Sales
Liquor lovers can raise a toast after North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper signed Senate Bill 290 into law. The measure is aimed at helping distilleries boost business and sell alcohol in the state. (ABC-11)
TTB Seeks Feedback on Formula Guidance Page
The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is currently conducting an online activity that will help improve its existing formula guidance page.

TTB invites you to participate in this simple activity that will help determine the best way to organize the information it provides on alcohol beverage formulas so you can find it more easily online. 

What would I do?  In this activity, you will see a picture of TTB's draft beverage formula guidance page, and you will be asked where you would expect to find certain information on that page. There are no right or wrong answers! TTB just wants to know where people expect to find certain information so it can organize accordingly.
Who should participate?  Anyone who files (or soon plans to file) beverage formula applications. TTB is interested in getting feedback from all kinds of formula filers—wineries, distilleries, breweries, importers; micro businesses to international conglomerates. 
How long will it take?  About 10 minutes.
DID YOU KNOW MEMBERS OF CONGRESS RECEIVE THIS ECONOMIC DATA REPORT?  The 2019 Craft Spirits Data Project may directly impact their thoughts on the future of the Federal Excise Tax reduction. So, if you haven't yet done so, please COMPLETE IT NOW!  We NEED your input. The Craft Spirits Data Project, which ACSA conducts in conjunction with Park Street and the IWSR, provides the industry's most detailed picture of the size, scope, growth trajectory and economic contributions of the craft distilling industry. This information will be critical as we continue our fight to keep the reduction in the FET. That's why we urge you to take just a few minutes to answer the survey.
Shine Distillery & Restaurant Opens in Portland, Oregon
A new distillery and restaurant has opened on North Williams in Portland. Shine Distillery & Grill, a two-story restaurant, bar, and on-site distillery, began serving cocktails and po’boys last week, after a handful of delays. (Eater Portland)
Rogue Spirits Launches Sparkling Canned Cocktails
Rogue Spirits, one of the original craft distillers in Oregon, has launched its first sparkling canned cocktail line redefining the ready-to-drink category with authentic, bar quality recipes that taste good in a can. Created to be enjoyed anywhere and anytime, the 7.5% ABV, gluten-free cocktails are made with award-winning Rogue Spirits and 100% natural ingredients. (Brewbound)
Syracuse U.’s Legal Threat Forces Distiller to Discontinue Cuse Juice
From Cuse-tinis to Cuse-mopolitans, the not-so-secret ingredient used at Lock 1 Distilling Company is its Cuse Juice. “There’s really no orange liqueurs being produced at New York farm distilleries. It was a one of a kind product. So we were pretty proud of it,” Lock 1’s co-owner, Brenden Backus, tells NewsChannel 9. The orange-flavored liqueur will be no more, once the current batch runs out. Syracuse University is forcing the small business to stop making it, threatening legal action for use of the word “Cuse,” which its lawyers claim infringes on their trademark. (
Connecticut’s Litchfield Distillery Goes Solar
David, Jack and Peter Baker, co-owners of Litchfield Distillery, are committed to the hard work it takes to protect the environment and reduce their company’s environmental impact. (The Litchfield County Times)
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Milwaukee’s Central Standard Sells Chicago Cubs-Trolling Whiskey
A Milwaukee distillery's bourbon inspired by one of the Brewers' greatest wins over the Chicago Cubs is now being sold statewide—just in time for this weekend's series between the two NL Central teams. (WTMJ-TV Milwaukee)
Virginia’s Three Brothers Distillery to Quadruple Production
Three Brothers Distillery will create four new jobs and invest $232,500 to more than quadruple current production in Sussex County. This expansion comes on the heels of the distillery’s recent appearance on the Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners: Whiskey Business” series. (Augusta Free Press)
‘Bottled in Bond’ Has Renewed Appeal Across Spirits Categories
At a glance, the recent growth—not a tidal wave, but a steady little stream of new spirits —may seem odd. After all, the consumer safety issues that once drove the need for protection are virtually nonexistent today. But “bottled in bond” now signals other qualities. Their higher proof gives them appeal for some consumers, and some producers like the challenge of the restrictions. Limiting production to a single season of a distillery’s product provides an opportunity “to create a very unique expression,” says Allen Katz, distiller and owner of New York Distilling Co., which recently released its bottled-in-bond Ragtime Rye. (Washington Post)
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