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Late last year Navozyme introduced the N-CAP Wallet, a mobile application for seafarers to receive their credentials directly from maritime training institutions. The app can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

More and more prestigious maritime training institutions from all over the world continue to adopt N-CAP to manage their certification processes. Thousands of Blockchain Enabled Electronic-certificates (BEEs) have already been issued and hundreds of seafarers are already benefitting from N-CAP.

This edition of the newsletter is dedicated to N-CAP and all its early adopters who supported Navozyme in bringing this solution to life!

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Digital transformation collaboration with Escola Superior Náutica Infante D. Henrique, Portugal

Anjaney Borwankar, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Navozyme, with Capt João Frade, Vice-President at ENIDH and Chair of Nautical Institute - Iberia Branch

Navozyme is priveleged to collaborate with the prestigious Escola Superior Náutica Infante D. Henrique (ENIDH), Portugal's oldest maritime training institution.

The collaboration's goal is to accelerate the digitalisation of ENIDH and bring forth benefits of increased productivity, reduced risk, reduced carbon footprint and enhanced reputation. The collaboration has a broad scope and includes knowledge sharing on DeepTech (e.g. application of blockchain and AI in maritime innovation areas), and the digitalisation of seafarers' certification processes leading to the issuance of IMO compliant Blockchain Enabled E-certificates (BEEs) via N-CAP.

Learn more about N-CAP here

N-CAP workshop with Hochschule Bremen, Germany

Elisenda Ventura and Anjaney Borwankar from Navozyme along with Prof. Dr. Ilknur Colmorn and Mateusz Kopeć from Hochschule Bremen

Navozyme and Hochschule Bremen (HSB) held a workshop to explore the digital transformation of HSB's maritime certification processes. The workshop provided a high-level overview of N-CAP's technology and emphasised its potential impact, based on the promising results found in the Navozyme-HSB pilot study.

A whitepaper titled "Digitalising Seafarers' Certificates" was also published. The whitepaper examines the benefits of digitalised certification processes and shares case studies of Issuers from all over the world who are leveraging Blockchain-Enabled E-certificates (BEEs) to enhance efficiency and safeguard data.

Read the Navozyme-HSB whitepaper.

Read the Whitepaper

N-CAP Wallet - The Seafarers' Credentials App

With the N-CAP Wallet, seafarers receive their electronic certificates and digital identity directly from the Maritime Training Institutions (MTIs). The Blockchain Enabled E-certificates (BEEs) appear automatically in the app for registered seafarers. Verification of the credentials can be done easily in real-time by scanning the special QR code.

Benefits include enhanced data privacy, reduced admin burden, and elimination of fraud. Seafarers also benefit from the convenience of having all their training certificates in electronic form within their mobiles available 24x7.

Thousands of BEEs are already in the hands of seafarers issued by prestigious organisations like IAMI (International Association of Maritime Institutions, UK), PYA (Professional Yachting Association, France), and MAAP (Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific, Philippines).

Discover the N-CAP Wallet

MAAP Philippines to issue BEE medical certificates

VADM Eduardo Santos, President of the MAAP, sharing some words about N-CAP during the Nautical Institute's "Professional Development Seminar and Forum", Manila.

The Nautical Institute - Philippines branch recently concluded the "Professional Development Seminar and Forum" in which Capt. Jitesh Jaipuriyar, Co-founder & Board Member of Navozyme, was invited as a Guest of Honor.

During the event, Vice Admiral Eduardo Santos, President of the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP), shared MAAP's plans to expand the types of seafarer certificates issued via N-CAP.

"We will also include the medical certificates so that all of the certificates that the seafarer would need... will be on blockchain...." - VADM Santos

MAAP, founded by the largest Filipino seafarer union, is the leading maritime training institution in the Philippines. MAAP's cadets are already users of the N-CAP Wallet and automatically receive their Digital Identities and Blockchain Enabled E-certificates issued by MAAP.

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