April 7th, 2021 Issue #04

Disruptive events like the recent Suez Canal blockage, or the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, highlight our interdependency and the fragility of global supply chains.

What does this VUCA context imply for the global maritime industry and its leaders? What are the challenges and opportunities as the industry transitions towards digitalisation?

Navigating New Waves, our new webinar series, was created to have conversations around these types of important questions. The webinars are a forum to inspire, to exchange insights, and to stimulate discussions on key topics with leading industry voices.

I look forward to receiveing your suggestions on webinar topics that interest you!

Elisenda Ventura, N-EWS Editor

In this edition:

  • 1st webinar from the Navigating New Waves series

  • Upcoming Blockchain Fundamentals course

  • Singapore Maritime Week event

  • The Navozyme BEE

  • Meet Prof. Giulio Toscani

New Webinar
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What is a BEE (Blockchain Enabled E-certificate)?
Meet Prof. Giulio Toscani, Navozyme's Advisory Board member