1st November 2022| Issue #27

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In August this year, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the Port of Rotterdam Authority signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to establish the world’s longest Green and Digital Corridor to enable low and zero carbon shipping. The establishment of this green corridor between two key global ports is a historic milestone to facilitate decarbonisation and promote digitalisation of the global maritime industry. 



Navozyme's Co-Founder & Chief Executive- Anjaney Borwankar, recently had the privilege to curate an experiential learning visit to Rotterdam for a select group of Singapore's senior maritime leaders. The group got to interact with key Rotterdam Port ecosystem innovators and experience firsthand how the energy transition is taking place.


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🎉 N-Bunker selected by EU funded Artificial Intelligence initiative

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🤝 Singapore's Maritime Leaders visit Rotterdam to learn about the latest port ecosystem innovations


🔒 N-CAP protects Maritime Certificate Issuers from fraud

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🗣 Did you miss Navozyme's Webinar on the Metaverse?

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N-Bunker amongst winners selected by AIPlan4EU


Artificial Intelligence (AI) use cases at the focus of the recently concluded open call

N-Bunker has been selected by the European Commission funded AIPlan4EU for the application of AI. 

N-Bunker applies deep tech (AI and Blockchain) to minimise port congestion by reducing the waiting time for bunkering at anchorage. This reduced waiting time in turn eliminates wasted fuel burn and facilitates decarbonisation. 

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N-CAP protects Maritime Certificate Issuers from fraud

Real-time validation, a key feature of


N-CAP's IMO compliant Blockchain Enabled E-certificates (BEEs) can be validated in real-time by any party. The BEEs assure users the highest standards of data privacy and cybersecurity.

Leading organisations such as the International Association of Maritime Institutions (IAMI), UK and the  Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP), Philippines are automatically issuing hundreds of e-certificates via N-CAP every month.

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Singapore's Maritime Leaders visit Rotterdam to learn about the latest port ecosystem innovations

SMU MLP participants visit Rotterdam to experience innovation 

As Co-Programme Director of Singapore Management University's Maritime Leadership Programme (SMU MLP), Anjaney Borwankar, curated an immersion trip to Rotterdam for 21 senior maritime leaders from Singapore.

Amongst other activities, participants got an exclusive boat tour of the Port of Rotterdam and witnessed the latest innovations firsthand. 

The MLP was launched by The Singapore Management University (SMU) in partnership with Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and Maritime Singapore. The programme brings together select senior leaders from the Singapore maritime sector to participate in a 10 day senior leadership programme. 

Did you miss Navozyme's Webinar on the Metaverse?

Navozyme concludes it's Know Series Webinar on the Metaverse

Prof. Giulio Toscani, PhD, joined Anjaney Borwankar, Co-founder & Chief Executive of Navozyme, for a discussion about the current situation of the Metaverse.

During the webinar Prof. Toscani gave an insightful overview of the Metaverse and showed it's current use in both recreational and professional contexts. As exciting as it is, Prof. Toscani also highlighted the risks associated with immersing in the Metaverse for long periods of time.

Prof. Toscani is an Advisory Board Member at Navozyme and recently published a co-written article in the prestigious Harvard Deusto magazine discussing the Metaverse and its effect on companies' IP rights. 

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