Blockchain beyond Bitcoin: Singapore's Blockchain Landscape & Experiences Across Industries

On Tuesday, June 22nd, at 1600h-1730h Singapore time /1000-1130h CEST, EuroCham’s Digital Economy Committee shall host the webinar “Blockchain beyond Bitcoin” moderated by Co-Chair of the EuroCham Singapore's Digital Economy Committee, Anjaney Borwankar.

The session will explore Singapore’s blockchain landscape and the applications of this technology across diverse industries through the direct experiences of blockchain leaders. Key leaders from industries such as Aerospace, Supply Chain & Logistics, Pharma & Fintech will share their insights on applying blockchain technology to transform their business models. Anjaney shall represent the Maritime Industry and will moderate the session.

Prof. Beng Chin Ooi representing the Singapore Government will give the keynote address. He is an influential scientist and also the lead for the Singapore Blockchain Innovation Programme a prestigious government-sponsored initiative to accelerate the blockchain ecosystem in Singapore.