Neighbor News: March Edition

Celebrating Women's History: N2N Founder Lou Stitzel
Tax Season: Put Your Tax Refund to Work
Meet our YEC Student Interns
Rent Party
Celebrating Women's History Month:
Local Advocate and N2N Founder Louise "Lou" Stitzel
In 1970, Lou Stitzel learned that a large family was in jeopardy of losing their home in the Alta Vista neighborhood. In true 'Lou' form, she set about rallying her friends, neighbors and fellow members of Trinity Lutheran Church, raising enough money to prevent the family from becoming homeless.

From this outpouring of communal compassion, Lou was inspired to continue and grow this work - opening doors and paving the way for bringing new solutions to local housing challenges. That same year, Lou founded Neighbor to Neighbor, where she facilitated a 10-year era of grass root beginnings - including the establishment of emergency assistance to help individuals and families obtain and retain housing, as well as rehab and repair support for aging homes in the Alta Vista, Buckingham and Andersonville neighborhoods. Lou's hard work earned Neighbor to Neighbor the first HUD Housing Counseling Grant, which launched our housing counseling programs.

Without the visionary leadership of Lou Stitzel, Neighbor to Neighbor would not exist. Lou's passion for advocating for people in need was contagious. She was known for her incredible tenacity and ability to get the right people together to make a huge difference in our community. Today, Neighbor to Neighbor strives to honor Lou’s legacy in facing our challenging housing market with creative, effective solutions and great care for our neighbors.
"I had no idea something like this was possible."

"In March 2022, I experienced a significant reduction in income. As a self-employed single mom, this was very challenging - and scary. Ultimately, I accumulated significant debt and fell behind on my mortgage. I applied for assistance and was told due to the backlog it would be 90 days until I would hear anything. During that time, I went into Forbearance with my loan. Everyone was so kind and understanding, but it was still so scary. Then, Chantel from Neighbor to Neighbor reached out and said they were reviewing my application and shared with me what was possible! She was so kind, helpful, and understanding. I was offered mortgage assistance support, which will provide an incredible foundation for me to get ahead and out of mortgage debt. It's amazing! I had no idea something like this was possible.

Thank you, angels from Neighbor to Neighbor, and for all that you do to help people find their way financially, and otherwise, during difficult times. I'm SO grateful for YOU." 

~ N2N Emergency Mortgage Assistance Client
Did you know?
You Can Donate Your Colorado Tax Refund to Charity
This filing season, Colorado taxpayers can choose to donate to any eligible Colorado-registered charity with a simple designation on their state income tax return. If you would like to support Neighbor to Neighbor with a donation from your return this year, here is what you need to know.

How To Donate Your CO Income Tax Return:
  1. Enter Neighbor to Neighbor's 11-digit Nonprofit Registration ID# 20033002965 on the Voluntary Contributions Schedule (DR 0104CH) of your Colorado Individual Income Tax Return. If using a printed form, enter ID# 20033002965 and "Neighbor to Neighbor, Inc." as it appears on the form. See the screenshot below, or you can use the Charity Lookup Tool.
  2. Designate the amount of your return that you would like to donate.

It's that simple! If you have questions about how your donation is received, please connect with Manager of Philanthropy Brooke Cunningham by email or phone at (970)488-2373.
N2N Youth Enrichment Club is Gearing Up for Fun
Since 2014, Neighbor to Neighbor has been providing afterschool and weekend enrichment programming for our youth residents. Supported by community partners, the Youth Enrichment Club (YEC) offers a range of monthly activities, from entrepreneurial endeavors to health and wellness. Two new CSU medical student interns have come on board this year to head up our planned activities - beginning with an Art Hour last week and an upcoming Gardening Project in April. We appreciate the excitement, energy and leadership that Harry and Jacob bring to the program and look forward to a fun season ahead!
From skiing to biking to hiking and running, Jacob Lilienfeld is an avid outdoorsperson. Originally from Boston, Jacob has been a Colorado resident for six years and is currently studying to become a doctor at CSU.
Harry Green is a CSU med student and hopes to become a pediatric physician. He comes to Fort Collins from Northern Montana and loves being outside, playing sports and caring for his two horses, one of which he brought with him to Collins.
Want to get involved with YEC?
Community partnerships make the YEC unique and exciting - and we are always looking for new ways to enrich the program! If you or your group would like to become involved, please connect with Community Development Coordinator Rachel Seidner: email or (970) 212-7955.
Spring has Sprung...
but it's always Rent Party Season!
With the weather warming and the buds blooming, it's a great time to crawl out from hibernation and gather with friends. If you're looking for a get-together excuse, consider hosting an N2N Rent Party. From dress-up themes to game nights and casual BBQs, this is a fun way to party with a purpose - on your terms and timeline. We will work with you to provide information about our agency and the impact your guests will have on their community by making a contribution. And then you party on! Visit our Rent Party Page for inspiration and steps to get party-planning.