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N5 Sensors Expands Partnership with

Santa Clara County FireSafe Council as Reseller to

All California Fire Safe Councils 

Expanded agreement enables SCCFSC to sell and support

N5’s AI-Enabled N5SHIELD™ platform for early wildfire detection

to over 200 Fire Safe Councils throughout California

December 13, 2023, Saratoga, CA—The Santa Clara County FireSafe Council (SCCFSC) announced today it has entered into an expanded partnership with N5 Sensors, Inc., to offer their N5SHIELD™ platform to Fire Safe Councils in all 58 counties within California. The partnership enables resale of N5SHIELD™, a wildfire detection solution that provides real time detection of wildfire and air quality alerts via an end-to-end architecture that leverages cloud-connected multimodal sensors, and AI to make communities safer from wildfire and airborne environmental hazards.

Leveraging a network of ChemNode™ devices, each containing the most advanced sensors for gas, chemicals, particulates, heat and environmental conditions along with multiple communication options, the N5 ecosystem provides an interactive dashboard for visualizing sensor data and fire alerts. This real-time data enables first responders to identify wildfire faster and to analyze local conditions for safe and effective management of fire-fighting resources. The system also provides air quality information, further protecting community members.

According to Seth Schalet, CEO of Santa Clara County FireSafe Council “The nature of wildfires is evolving, coupled with population and structure growth in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas, increasing wildfire risk. With N5SHIELD™, our clients have the ability to detect wildfires in the smoldering phase, hours before they spread. All state-wide Fire Safe Councils may now go through Santa Clara County FireSafe Council for their procurement of N5SHIELD™. Santa Clara County FireSafe Council’s portfolio enables us to offer completely integrated solutions, which include early detection, product pilot testing, and cross-sector collaboration, prioritizing risk mitigation to protect life and property in WUI areas.” 

According to Debra Deininger, CRO of N5 Sensors,N5 has partnered successfully with Santa Clara County FireSafe Council to bring N5SHIELD™ to Santa Clara County and add residents of this county to our rapidly growing list of communities that are protected by N5SHIELD™. Their success and position as the technology leader within the Fire Safe Council community coupled with their relationship with other Fire Safe Councils will further enable communities at risk for wildfire to adopt N5SHIELD™ to improve early detection and protection.”

About N5 Sensors, Inc.:

N5 believes that in a world with rapidly changing environmental threats, everyone has access to the right information at the right time to stay safe. N5 has been developing and providing innovative and reliable environmental sensing systems for over 12 years to customers in diverse markets including Defense, Homeland Security and commercial systems. The N5SHIELD™ was designed to meet the needs of industry, communities and fire fighters to protect against devastating wildfires in the Wildland Urban interface and has been deployed in 8 states across the US and in Canada. For more information, please visit

About Santa Clara County FireSafe Council: As a 501 (c)3 nonprofit with a 20-year history, Santa Clara County FireSafe Council’s core mission is to mobilize the people of Santa Clara County to protect their homes, communities, and environment from wildfires. As a trusted partner across the government, fire service, corporate and WUI residential communities, SCCFSC has led some of the most complex hazardous fuel reduction projects in the region. With a board and advisory council that has a deep expertise across the wildfire ecosystem including wildfire and environmental research, academia, emergency management, regional planning, technology products and wildland firefighting leadership, Santa Clara County FireSafe Council is uniquely positioned to lead cross-sector collaborations, government-private partnerships in Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County and beyond. For more information, visit


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