3Rs Newsletter
April 2020
Dear friends and colleagues,

During these unprecedented times, the Officers and Board Members are with you, feeling all the tumultuous emotions you may be going through. For some of us, our family keeps us busy, while for others dedicated to providing their animals with compassionate care as always, use the time with the animals to forget the craziness of the outside world, even if it is just for a moment.

It is an obscure concept to understand the challenges for each of us. It is a time to take a moment, reflect what is most important, and to take the time to honor it. Honor what you may be feeling. Take care of yourself. Be kind and we will move through this together. It is up to all of us to guarantee we continue to advance and progress because it is what we do with passion and vigilance.

“If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.” —Fred DeVito


Lisa Stanisczyk
NA3RsC President

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Participate in our 3Rs Initiatives
You are invited to participate in our new initiatives!
We are organizing two new work streams that aim to simulate knowledge, research, & impact interactions related to Microphysiological Systems (MPS) and Translational Digital Biomarkers (TDB) .

They will connect technology providers, industry leaders, academics, and regulatory stakeholders to increase adoption of these emerging 3Rs technologies.

Why should you join?
  • You will get to network with leaders & experts across institutions (pharmaceutical, CRO, academic, vendors, etc.).
  • Play a key role in creating virtual knowledge exchanges, online expos, and in-person conferences.
  • You will have the opportunity to collaborate in MPS or TDB-related session proposals at relevant scientific conferences
  • If you are a provider, you will be featured on our Hub pages and if you are an end-user you will get key influence with those vendors.

How to join?
Welcome Our New 3Rs Fellow
Welcome to Megan LaFollette, NA3RsC's new 3Rs fellow. She is a PhD scientist out of Purdue University who specialized in the practical application of scientifically supported animal welfare & human-animal interaction techniques. You may have seen her work on rat tickling .

Megan officially started working with our organization on March 16th. She is sure to help our organization advance the science of the 3Rs, innovation, and welfare through sharing. Look for an email from our organization with her ideas and goals for her 2020-2021 fellowship activities.
Coronavirus Resources
NA3Rs Resources
Listen to our February & March episodes of the 3-Minute 3Rs to learn about snake venom organoids, neuron cryopreservation, power/negative results/sample sizes, nanomedicine, using a single species for toxicity testing, trio housing of mice. Listen online or search for LabAnimal in your favorite podcast app.
Upcoming Conferences & Presentations
May 14, 2020. Virtual
The North American 3Rs Collaborative, along with NA3Rs and NJABR, have worked with LabRoots to design an outstanding agenda of speakers on reproducibility and reliability for in vivo experiments. This FREE virtual conference allows you to receive the latest information without a need to travel. We hope you are able to attend.

June 4-5, 2020. Online
Hosted by USDA Animal Welfare Information Center (AWIC), OLAW, and CAAT.
Funding & Awards
(Rolling Deadline) Animal welfare focused.

(Deadline: June 1, 4pm EDT)
Journal Articles & Chapters
Calls for Papers
3Rs Job Opportunities
If you have posted or know of a 3Rs-specific job opportunity please email us to have it added to this newsletter ( contactus@na3rsc.org ).
Please Support Our 3Rs Efforts
As you can see, there are many efforts to refine, reduce, and replace animal in laboratory research. Your donation to or participation with the North American 3Rs Collaborative will enable us to continue to expand 3Rs efforts in many more ways and work conjunction with others around the world who share these goals.

Thank you for supporting our 3Rs efforts!