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August 2020

We are working incredibly hard to ensure we offer you, our membership the tools and resources you want and need to promote the 3Rs. We have initiatives to get involved in. We are collaborating with other organizations to offer webinars and seminar series. We have Dr. Megan LaFollette our Fellow, who is working tirelessly to create resources for your institution. She is constantly updating and adding information to the website. She is networking with talented industry and academic professionals to continue to grow the organization and keep the momentum going!

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Lisa Stanislawczyk
NA3RsC President

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New High-Level 3Rs Resources
Our newest resource page is focused on Rodent Handling. Learn about the scientific evidence and practical application of mouse tunnel handling, rat tickling, and general rodent handling. Handling of rodents can cause stress, aversion, and anxiety without proper habituation/handling. Both tunnel handling and rat tickling have strong evidence to support them and can be applied in a relatively short amount of time. Finally, a group at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) also have unique and effective methods for training rodents to cooperate with procedures.
NA3RsC Webinars
Join us for one of our upcoming FREE webinars:

August 26, 10am EST
This joint webinar, from the NC3Rs and the North American 3Rs Collaborative (NA3RsC), will introduce the topic of compassion fatigue in laboratory animal research. Dr Megan LaFollette, 3Rs Fellow at the NA3RsC, will discuss the latest research on compassion fatigue and how it can affect the mental wellbeing of animal care staff. Attendees will gain insight into risk factors and considerations for improving staff wellbeing in an animal research setting. The target audience is anyone involved in laboratory animal care, including those in training and management roles. The webinar is free to attend.

September 16, 2pm EST
In this joint webinar, from NA3RsC and NJABR, attendees will learn about the topic of Rodent Health Surveillance. Dr. Patricia Foley, Chris Manual, and Christina Pettan-Brewer will discuss strengths, limitations, and practical application of the latest technologies in this area. This webinar is free to attend.

February 16, 1pm EST
In this joint webinar, from NA3RsC and NJABR, attendees will learn about the topic of Rat Tickling. Dr. Megan LaFollette will discuss the scientific evidence for this technique and practical implementation of it in the laboratory. This webinar is free to attend.
N3RsC Initiatives
You are invited to participate in one of our initiatives focused on Refinement, Microphysiological Systems (MPS) and Translational Digital Biomarkers (TDB).

Click the links above to join today to network with leaders, have critical discussion, play a key role in curating online resources, manage conferences, collaborate on proposals, and be featured on our website. Individuals of any experience, role, or research type are welcome to apply!
NA3RsC Podcast
Want to learn about the latest 3Rs research, but don't have much time? Listen to our 3-Minute 3Rs Podcast online or via your favorite podcast app. It's produced by Lab Animal in conjunction with NC3Rs. In August's episode, we discuss the ARRIVE guidelines 2.0, stress-induced analgesia in zebrafish, and 3Rs optimization of mice behavioral testing.
Additional Events & Webinars
Aug 25 - 26, World Congress 11 Webinars

Sept. 2 - 15

Sept 9 - 6am EST, Norecopa

Sept. 9-11, Virtual Conference by Wellcome Center

Sept. 17
This initiative focuses on educating students and the public on the importance of biomedical research and human use of animals. You are invited to participate with your institution by clicking the link above.

Sept. 23, 2020 - 1pm EST

October 25-29, Virtual Conference
General Information & Registration (Pre-register by Sept 1, Free for AALAS members)
Note: You can still register to present poster abstracts until Sept. 1

Topics such as 3Rs, reproducibility, care & use of animals, and more are available to view online on-demand

Topics such as Homes for Animal Heroes, tree shrews, compassion fatigue, LEAN management, rodent thermoregulation, arthropods, and challenges/solutions for laboratory rodents
Journal Articles & Chapters
Best practices, planning, & reporting

Lilley et al. 2020. Refining rodent models of spinal cord injury. Experimental Neurology.

Amendole & Weary. 2020. Understanding rat emotional responses to CO2. Translational Psychiatry.

Zebrafish & Aquatic Models

COVID-19 & Animal Research

Rehoming Practices
Funding & Awards
Refinement Grants to Improve the Welfare of Animals in Research
Due October 2020. Animal Welfare Institute.

(Rolling Deadline) Animal welfare focused.
A widespread understanding of common practice is beneficial in aiding facilities to evaluate and forecast necessary improvements in their own programs. It can also inform the need to continue improving standards for NHP behavioral management programs as a whole. The survey also explores digital enrichment through the use of music, television, or tablets.
Calls for Papers
Animal Experimentation: State of the Art and Future Scenarios in Animals by MDPI (Deadline: 31 August 2020)

Laboratory Animals in Animals by MDPI
(Deadline: 31 December 2020)

(Deadline 30 April 2021)
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