3Rs Newsletter
July 2020
You asked for resources and Megan is hard at work creating them for you to use in your institutions. Please take a moment to peruse the resources and overall   NA3RsC   site. Our newest pages are focused on Compassion Fatigue and 3Rs Funding & Awards . Progress is being made to create a site that will be an ongoing resource for everyone. New materials will continue to be added as we move forward. Soon to come will be rodent handling & housing pages.

Our board of directors has also been working hard to reach out to various vendors and organizations for opportunities to offer more resources such as webinars and virtual symposiums. We have been collaborating and growing the organization to improve our reach.

Earlier this week you received an email to make you aware of the NIH's recent   Request for Information (RFI): Enhancing Rigor, Transparency, and Translatability to Improve Biomedical Research Involving Animal Models It is important for everyone to respond to the request to shape the future of biomedical research. Bring this up to your institution to create a united voice for our industry for the health and well-being of human and animal kind!


Lisa Stanislawczyk
NA3RsC President

Please send newsletter submissions to contactus@na3rsc.org   and include a link to your project & announcement. We also welcome your comments & feedback.
New High-Level 3Rs Resources
In our survey, many of you expressed wanting more resources. In response, NA3RsC has created a resource section on our website. Our aim is to provide high-level, succinct resources for the laboratory community that link externally to additional resources in a variety of formate.

So far we have created pages highlighting 3Rs Funding & Awards and Compassion Fatigue . Stay tuned for our release of rodent handling & rodent housing pages. If you have any feedback or ideas for future pages please contact meglafollette@na3rsc.org .
NIH Request for Information
Due July 31

This is a great chance to share your thoughts or the thoughts of your organization. NIH encourages organizations (e.g., patient advocacy groups, professional organizations) to submit a single response reflective of the views of the organization/membership as a whole when possible.
Participate in our 3Rs Initiatives
You are invited to participate in one of our initiatives focused on Refinement , Microphysiological Systems (MPS) and Translational Digital Biomarkers (TDB) .

Click the links above to join today to network with leaders, have critical discussion, play a key role in curating online resources, manage conferences, collaborate on proposals, and be featured on our website. Individuals of any experience, role, or research type are welcome to apply!
NA3RsC Resources
Want to learn about the latest 3Rs research, but don't have much time? Listen to our 3-Minute 3Rs Podcast online or via your favorite podcast app. In July's episode, we discuss reproducibility of animal research in light of biological variation, replacement involving inactivated rabies vaccines, and a replacement for BSL2 tuberculosis infection model.
Coronavirus Resources
Conferences & Presentations
Biochemical Society
Virtual from June 29 to July 19 (Live conference was December 2019)

Michigan Society for Medical Research
Virtual on August, 21, 2020
Note: You can submit posters until July 31

On-site & Virtual meeting on October 25-29
General Information & Registration (Pre-register by Sept 1)
Note: You can still register to present poster abstracts until July 31

Topics such as 3Rs, reproducibility, care & use of animals, and more are available to view online on-demand
Journal Articles & Chapters
Survey Requests
Funding & Awards
(Rolling Deadline) Animal welfare focused.

Refinement Grants to Improve the Welfare of Animals in Research
Due October 2020. Animal Welfare Institute.
Calls for Papers
Animal Experimentation: State of the Art and Future Scenarios in Animals by MDPI (Deadline: 31 August 2020)

Laboratory Animals in Animals by MDPI
(Deadline: 31 December 2020)
Contribute to Our Newsletter
If you know of a 3Rs-specific resource, conference, new publication, funding opportunity, call for paper, or job opportunity please email us to have it added to this newsletter ( contactus@na3rsc.org ).
Please Support Our 3Rs Efforts
As you can see, there are many efforts to refine, reduce, and replace animal in laboratory research. Your donation to or participation with the North American 3Rs Collaborative will enable us to continue to expand 3Rs efforts in many more ways and work conjunction with others around the world who share these goals.

Thank you for supporting our 3Rs efforts!