3Rs Newsletter
May 2020
We would like to recognize the people continuing to push through the challenges to stay focused on the science.
The animal care workers continuing to provide the highest standards of welfare for the animals in their care.

The researchers staying focused on the science to achieve the goal of bringing therapies to patients in need.

The teams of innovators continuing to bring new ideas and innovations to reality to further the 3Rs and improve the science.

Thank you to everyone that has continued to maintain the objectives we share which is not only to improve the science, but also to increase the speed in which we can produce the best possible data for treatments of diseases.  
We are all working on goals that intertwine. We depend on each other for success!
We would also like to highlight and congratulate one of our Board of Directors, Laura Schaevitz for being  recognized as one of the top 50 Healthcare & Technology CEOs of 2020 .  Laura has over 20 years of experience with in vivo animal studies and is a leading innovator for research at Vium . Congratulations Laura!


Lisa Stanisczyk
NA3RsC President

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NA3RsC Refinement Initiatives
We would like to introduce our newest 3Rs initiative focused on  Refinement . Our focus is aimed identifying current evidence-based Refinement resources aimed at improving the welfare of animals used in biomedical research for promotion in the scientific community.  

Data from a recent survey will help us understand where needs are; what species are being used and in what type of facilities; what types of research is represented among the research community; and more specifically, what refinement initiatives would be most helpful. Check out some of our other  planned deliverables  on the website.

We are looking for anyone interested in collaborating to curate & create scientifically-based refinement materials to join this new initiative! Stay tuned to learn how to join!
Coronavirus Resources
NA3Rs Resources
Our 3Rs Fellow, Dr. Megan LaFollette gave a webinar titled Animal welfare meets human welfare: Compassion fatigue on her research completed at Purdue University followed by discussion with from Cindy Buckmaster.
View the recording here. April 29, 2020. Sponsored by NA3RsC, AMP, & SUBR.
Want to learn about the latest 3Rs research, but don't have much time? Listen to our 3-Minute 3Rs Podcast online or via your favorite podcast app. In April's episode, we discussed replacement techniques in COVID-19 research, human nerve-on-a-chip technology, and compassion fatigue in laboratory animal professionals. In May's episode, we discuss recommendations for spinal cord injury research, refinement to oral gavage, and barriers to implementing tunnel handling.
Upcoming Conferences & Presentations
Wednesday May 27, 11:30am CDT. Virtual. Hosted by SUBR & AMP.

June 4-5, 2020. Online
Hosted by USDA Animal Welfare Information Center (AWIC), OLAW, and CAAT.
Participate in our 3Rs Initiatives
You are invited to participate in our workstreams focused on Microphysiological Systems (MPS) and Translational Digital Biomarkers (TDB) .

Join today to network with leaders, play a key role in creating virtual expos & conferences, collaborate on proposals, and be featured on our website.
Journal Articles & Chapters
Funding & Awards
(Rolling Deadline) Animal welfare focused.

(Deadline: June 1, 4pm EDT)
Calls for Papers
Animal Models for the Study of Cardiovascular Disease   in Animals by MDPI (Deadline: 31 May 2020)

Animal Experimentation: State of the Art and Future Scenarios in Animals by MDPI (Deadline: 31 August 2020)

Laboratory Animals in Animals by MDPI
(Deadline: 31 August 2020)
3Rs Job Opportunities
If you know of a 3Rs-specific job opportunity please email us to have it added to this newsletter ( contactus@na3rsc.org ).
Please Support Our 3Rs Efforts
As you can see, there are many efforts to refine, reduce, and replace animal in laboratory research. Your donation to or participation with the North American 3Rs Collaborative will enable us to continue to expand 3Rs efforts in many more ways and work conjunction with others around the world who share these goals.

Thank you for supporting our 3Rs efforts!