An Important Benefit to Giving:

As a Serviam Supporter, you may be eligible for a 50%Tax Credit

Hello and Happy New Year! 

Your support of Serviam Girls Academy makes a big difference in the lives of our students. It also could make a big difference in your 2024 tax year due to Serviam being a qualified organization whose donors benefit from the NAA Tax Credit.  

You can double your impact at half the expense!

For example, your $2500 donation (the minimum required

for the tax credit) would ultimately result in an

out-of-pocket $1250 expense and a $1250 tax credit at year end. 


Serviam Girls Academy participates in the Delaware Neighborhood Assistance Act (NAA) Program which encourages businesses and individuals who pay Delaware state income taxes to invest in programs serving low and moderate-income families. In exchange for a qualified contribution to an approved organization, like Serviam, the NAA provides state tax credits equal to 50% of the investment. It is anticipated that a maximum of $1,000,000 in tax credits will be available statewide this year with a maximum credit of $50,000 per taxpayer.  

By clicking on "NAA Quick Facts" at the bottom you will find a full description of the program including some very important details:

  • Making your gift as soon as possible will increase your chances of receiving this tax credit. While an official date has not been announced, the NAA portal will be opening in mid-March, 2024. You can take a forward looking approach and send your donation to Serviam now. We will file paperwork and enter your contribution as soon as the portal becomes available.

  • You must have a Delaware tax liability in order to be eligible. If you work in Delaware, but live out of state, please check with your accountant and the Delaware Division of Revenue to learn if you may be eligible. 


  • Communications and notifications from the Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) regarding your Tax Credit will take place electronically using the e-mail address listed on the forms submitted.

Should you wish to participate in the NAA Tax Credit Program, here is how you can get started: 

  • Please make your gift in early 2024 in order to improve your chance of qualifying. 
  • For an increased benefit, consider including your Community Scholarship Initiative pledge payment if you have one and/or your Evening Under the Stars Sponsorship

  • Please share proof of your donation by sharing a copy of both sides of your canceled check, your credit card statement, your payment receipt, etc. by sending them to development@serviamgirlsacademy.org 

Please note that the tax credits are awarded on a first come first served basis from a finite pool. The disbursement of tax credits begins in July. The sooner we can get your donations into the portal, the higher your chances of acquiring a resulting credit, thus time is of the essence. 

You are a part of the Serviam Family and are very important to us. We want to reciprocate your support by seeking every benefit to you we can find. Please know you are dearly appreciated!

For questions and more information please send me an email or give me a call on my cell at (302) 345 6797.


Nina Ellis

Development Coordinator 

Serviam Girls Academy 


NAA Quick Facts


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