April 2020
1—Context and Mission . In the 2014 Conditions , “I.1.1 History and Mission” often resulted in verbose histories covering the founding of the university and establishment of the program. In many cases, the founding and evolution of a program are not relevant to the current context of assessment. In developing the new Conditions , the intent was to gain a better understanding of the current context within which the program resides, and how its mission is being applied in the present. This is not to preclude writing about history completely, but to encourage a response that examines how it directly informs or explains the current context and mission.

Helpful Hint: Student work used as evidence is no longer marked as high and minimum pass. Student work that received a passing grade (either graded A-F or pass/no pass) is part of the evaluation.
Upcoming Accreditation Visits and COVID-19
The NAAB is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on higher education and accreditation. We have heard from a number of programs expressing concern about upcoming accreditation visits. At this time, we are preparing for our fall 2020 accreditation visits as usual. Should anything change, we will notify you. The NAAB’s primary concern remains the health and safety of its programs and teams. As previously stated, any alternate program delivery methods enacted for this special circumstance will not require substantive change permissions or negatively impact accreditation or NAAB International Certification requirements.
Partner Spotlight:
Collateral Responses to COVID-19
As the world has rapidly transformed to address the COVID-19 pandemic, so has every aspect of architecture. As the “collateral’s collateral,” the NAAB is sharing each organization’s resources: