February 2021
NAAB Virtual Visits
NAAB completed its pilot program of virtual visits in Fall 2020. We extend our appreciation to Visiting Teams and Programs who committed their time and effort to make the Fall 2020 virtual visits successful.

As part of our own commitment to assessment and improvement and, following the completion of the 2020 Fall virtual site visits, NAAB surveyed program directors and visiting team members about their experience. Based on this feedback, NAAB has made updates to the Virtual Site Visit Supplement to the 2015 Procedures effective for all upcoming visits. The updates include additional guidance for teams and programs as they prepare for and engage in a virtual visit. 

The first version of the VSV Supplement, published in August 2020, indicated that NAAB would conduct an analysis of direct costs associated with the 2020 virtual visit pilot program. Having completed that analysis, starting in 2021, programs with virtual visits will be invoiced $2,228 prior to the beginning of their visit to cover the direct costs associated with NAAB’s administration of a virtual visit. 

We look forward to the spring 2021 accreditation visits and will continue to seek feedback from our Visiting Teams and Program in order to improve the NAAB virtual visits processes.
2021 Spring Accreditation and ICert Visits
The following programs are holding continuing accreditation virtual site visits this spring:
  • California Baptist University – M.Arch.
  • Cornell University – M.Arch.
  • Illinois Institute of Technology – B.Arch. and M.Arch.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology – M.Arch.

The following programs are holding International Certification virtual site visits this spring:
  • Istanbul Technical University – B.Arch. and M.Arch.
  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – B.Arch. and M.Arch. (B.Arch. 5 years + M.Arch. 1 year)
  • Al-Yamamah University – B.Arch.