July 2020
3.2—Student Criteria (SC) . The 2020 Conditions replace the longstanding Student Performance Criteria (SPC) with Program Criteria and Student Criteria. Student Criteria are closer in concept to SPC than Program Criteria. Student work is not required as evidence for SC.1-4. Instead, evidence for these criteria consists of a narrative of how the program achieves and evaluates each criterion, a reoccurring self-assessment and modification process of the program’s curriculum, and supporting material demonstrating how the program achieves its student learning objectives through syllabi, schedules, and instructional materials for the course or courses where the content is delivered. This change also allows new emphasis to be placed on self-assessment and continuous improvement of each criterion.

In addition to the evidence requirements of SC.1–4, SC.5 and SC.6 require student work as evidence. In past editions of the NAAB Conditions and Procedures , programs self-selected a limited number of high-pass and minimum-pass work samples. The 2020 Procedures now require programs to collect 100% of the student work for these criteria, and institutes a process where the NAAB randomly evaluates approximately 20% of the student work. This strengthens the ideology that all students who have passed the course(s) have attained the same core abilities.

Helpful Hint: If several courses are used to satisfy SC.5 and/or SC.6, the class lists from each course must be aligned so that a random selection process will collect the work of each student selected in all classes that are used to meet the SC.
The 2019 Report on Architecture Education at Minority-Serving Institutions is now available on the Publications page of the NAAB website. The 2019 Annual Report on Architecture Education was published in June and is also available on the Publications page.
NAAB Elects New Directors
At its meeting on June 9, 2020, the Board of Directors elected four directors, whose terms begin in October at the conclusion of the NAAB Annual Meeting:
Michaele Pride, Assoc. AIA, NOMA
Professor of Architecture
University of New Mexico

Term: 2020-2023
Nominated by ACSA
Kelly Hayes McAlonie , FAIA
Director of Campus Planning
University at Buffalo

Term: 2020-2023
Nominated by AIA
Elizabeth Caccavano, AIAS
Temple University

Term: 2020-2022
Nominated by AIAS
David L. Hoffman, FAIA, NCARB
Senior Vice President and Principal
LK Architecture, Inc.

Term: 2020-2023
Nominated NCARB
Thank you to our collateral partners for such great nominations! 
Partner Spotlight: NCARB by the Numbers
NCARB released its 2019 “ NCARB by the Numbers ” which explores key insights into the path to licensure, diversity, and NCARB's 100-year history.