NAACCR Fees Updates

After much deliberation, the NAACCR Board of Directors has deemed it necessary to adjust our membership dues and rates in order to retain services and stay in alignment with inflationary factors over a number of years. Most NAACCR member dues and fees have not been increased in 11 years. The NAACCR Board and Executive Office have worked hard to maximize all revenue from dues and fees to provide high quality services and organizational infrastructure. Beginning the new NAACCR fiscal year, June 1, 2023 there will be increases to most dues and fees. The exception is the 2023 NAACCR Annual Conference. An announcement regarding the 2024 conference fees will be sent in late Fall of 2023.

This was a well-thought-out decision and NAACCR understands this is an important aspect of member and customer budgeting for the future. As always, we are committed to the unparalleled value of NAACCR membership and to the products and services NAACCR provides for the entirety of the cancer surveillance community.

2023 - 2024 Member Dues (June 1, 2023 - May 31, 2024)





Sustaining Profit


Sustaining Non-Profit




2023 - 2024 Webinars and CTR Prep

12-month Webinar Base

(Beginning September 2023)


CTR Prep (Beginning March 2024)


NAACCR thanks you for your ongoing support and we are confident that these changes will help us continue providing the NAACCR community with quality services and stable operations of the organization. For questions, please contact us.

Thank you!


Charlie Blackburn, MBA

Chief Operating Officer


217-698-0800 Ext. 4

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