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Preserving the past in recipes and memories,  Home Again  turns the reader’s gaze to Armenian culinary traditions. A land at the crossroads of great empires and nomadic hordes, Armenia’s cuisine offers a tantalizing melding of the rich variety of Mediterranean produce and Eastern spices. Link to Home Again
In  Breaking Bread with William Saroyan , Janice Stevens captures the essence of William Saroyan's love for his Armenian culture through excerpts of his written word and carefully selected authentic Armenian recipes. Link to Breaking Bread with William Saroyan
Children ~ Board Books
When Ants work together as a team they are stronger, more productive, and generally happier than when they go at it alone. Link to Diligent Ants
Pobig Dodig is a children's board book in Western Armenian Link to Pobig Dodig
The compelling life story of Armenian ceramicist David Ohannessian, whose work changed the face of Jerusalem—and a granddaughter's search for his legacy.   Link to Feast of Ashes
“My husband, Anatoliy, and I are in bed, but we dare not sleep these dangerous days, sleep comes only in short intervals and only when I’m so tired that I lose focus temporarily. The respite never lasts long. The threat of violence keeps us on a razor’s edge so thin we can feel it cutting our skin.” Link to Shadows Over Baku
By engaging the ongoing debates about imperial structures that were simultaneously symbiotic and hierarchically ordered, Stephen Badalyan Riegg helps us to understand how, for Armenians and some other subjects, imperial rule represented not hypothetical, clear-cut alternatives but simultaneous, messy realities. Link to Russia's Entangled Embrace
Roving Revolutionaries  probes the interconnected aspects of these three revolutions through the involvement of the Armenian revolutionaries—minorities in all of these empires—whose movements and participation within and across frontiers tell us a great deal about the global transformations that were taking shape. Link to Roving Revolutionaries
The Ottoman Empire enforced imperial rule through its management of diversity. For centuries, non-Muslim religious institutions, such as the Armenian Church, were charged with guaranteeing their flocks' loyalty to the sultan. Armenian elites, both the clergy and laity, strategically wove the institutions of the Armenian Church, and thus the Armenian community itself, into the fabric of imperial society. Link to Brokers of Faith, Brokers of Empire
The Doctor of Mercy  aims to provide an accessible introduction to Gregory’s literary works, theology, and spirituality, as well as to make the case for the contemporary relevance of his writings to the problems that face the Church and the world today Link to The Doctor of Mercy
Armenian-American Sketches  provides a wealth of information about the early Armenian community in America within the 29 short stories written originally in Armenian by Bedros Keljik. Twenty of the short stories were translated by noted Aris Sevag, one by Lou Ann Matossian, and eight of the stories originally published in  Baikar , were translated by Vartan Matiossian.  Link to American-Armenian Sketches
The pioneering author, Srpuhi Dussap, advocated for an equal role for women in the traditional Armenian society of Constantinople through her controversial novel of romance, betrayal, and reconciliation. Her compelling story was widely read and became an inspiration for future generations. After more than a century,  Mayda  is now available in English for the first time. Link to Mayda
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