July/August 2020
“America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.”— President Harry S. Truman
2020 Continuing Education Conference Moving to a Virtual Experience
NABCEP is proud to announce that it will be moving the  2020 NABCEP Continuing Education Conference  to a virtual platform in response to the current risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 NABCEP CE Conference will be hosted in a new learning management software (LMS) platform developed on Instructure's Canvas software, which will focus on renewable energy training and industry engagement. The 2020 NABCEP CE Conference will be hosted from September 9th to September 24th, and all of the webinars and content will be available on the LMS platform after the conference ends.

The virtual 2020 NABCEP CE Conference will include their regular offerings and opportunities for engagement, including technical training sessions, panel sessions with subject matter experts, a keynote speaker, and space to connect with sponsors, exhibitors, and trainers from across the globe. The agreement with Instructure will enable NABCEP to create and manage an LMS platform in a visually stimulating and engaging virtual environment that will deliver an effective, educational, and fun-filled event. The CE Conference hosted on the LMS platform will also integrate with numerous online tools, allow for leaderboards and gamification, and enable meet-and-greets through virtual meeting platforms like Zoom and GoToMeeting.

"The decision to move our in-person CE Conference to a virtual format wasn't made in a vacuum; we spent hours speaking with exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees to choose the format that made the most sense and that offers the greatest level of safety for all of our amazing supporters," said NABCEP's President & CEO, Shawn O'Brien. "Although we didn't envision this path at the start of 2020, moving the CE Conference to a virtual LMS platform presents us with the unique opportunity to spotlight the strengths of online learning and engagement with meaningful collaboration with industry professionals around the world. We hope that you will join us for this reimagined virtual conference, and celebrate both the resilience and commitment of the solar industry in a virtual environment without boundaries."

In addition to participating in the live event, all attendees will have access to on-demand recordings for one (1) year within NABCEP's new LMS platform. NABCEP believes that our partnership with Instructure, which is the industry leader in online LMS development with 30 million global users, will enable solar industry newcomers and professionals to expand their potential, amplify their impact, and be stronger lifelong learners while helping NABCEP achieve its mission of improving quality assurance in the renewable energy industry.
The NABCEP PV Associate Exam is Now Eligible for GI Bill Reimbursement!
The NABCEP  Photovoltaic Associate (PVA)   Program  was recently approved by the US Department of Veteran Affairs to receive benefits under the GI Bill. Due to this momentous federal approval, veterans and military personnel transitioning to the civilian workforce can now apply for reimbursement of exam fees for the NABCEP PVA exam.

Working in the solar industry takes leadership, teamwork, perseverance, technical skills, and attention to detail- all of the skills that veterans and transitioning military personnel learned in the armed services. The NABCEP PV Associate is a great way for veterans and transitioning military personnel to obtain the fundamental skills and knowledge about the PV sales, design, installation, operation, and maintenance to be successful in the solar industry.

The NABCEP  PV Installation Professional (PVIP)  and  Solar Heating Installer (SHI)  Board Certifications are ANSI Accredited, and already eligible for GI Bill reimbursement.
Solar Ready Vets Network
NABCEP is proud to be a part of the Solar Ready Vets team, advancing a nationwide pipeline of military talent into technical and leadership roles in the American solar workforce. Under this effort, we’re expanding training and certification opportunities for service members and veterans, and helping solar employers to recruit and invest in military talent to support a dynamic and resilient solar workforce.
The SRV Team is producing a “ Service to Solar ” series to showcase veterans employed at all levels of the solar workforce. Are you a veteran working in solar? Please reach out to our team at to share your story -- we look forward to hearing from you!
With exceptional leadership, critical thinking and teamwork skills, service members and veterans are a valuable source of talent for the solar industry. Join the Solar Ready Vets Network as an employer partner to reach military talent interested in solar career pathways.
Live Online Proctoring of NABCEP Board Certification Exams Now Available
All of NABCEP's Board Certification and Associate credentialing exams are now available through  live online proctoring (LOP) . The LOP testing method means you can now earn your NABCEP Board Certification on  your own computer and without having to leave your home . LOP reduces the costs and safety concerns associated with traveling to testing sites, which makes NABCEP’s exams more accessible and safe, while also decreasing our collective carbon footprint. To take the LOP exam, complete an application on  myNABCEP .
If your NABCEP Board Certification application has already been approved by NABCEP, follow the instructions in the Notice to Schedule (NTS) email you received from Scantron to schedule your exam. 
NABCEP's New Certification Management Platform
NABCEP recently signed a deal with Certemy, Inc. to transition its application portal, myNABCEP , to Certemy's certification management platform. Certemy's configurable SaaS platform for professional certification management provides best-in-class, event-driven workflows to better configure NABCEP's Board Certification and Associate applications, dashboards, and compliance programs.

NABCEP is excited to move to the new platform, which will be:
  • simpler
  • more powerful
  • more flexible
  • more secure
  • mobile-responsive and
  • more user-friendly

NABCEP and Certemy plan to complete the transition within the next 3 months and will send more information to Board Certified Professionals, Associates, applicants, and candidates about the new system before it is launched.
Founded in 2002 as a nonprofit 501(c)(6), NABCEP delivers value for thousands of Board Certified Professionals, Associate credential holders, and renewable energy consumers & stakeholders. NABCEP's mission is “to support, and work with, the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries, professionals, and stakeholders to develop and implement quality credentialing and certification programs for practitioners.”
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