NABCEP News - March-April 2020
Just One Week to
2020 NABCEP CE Conference!
The 2020 NABCEP CE Conference is less than 1 week away! If you haven't registered yet, you still have a little bit of time to do it.

By registering for the CE Conference, you can earn up to 21 hours of continuing education from PV industry experts. The cost of registration also covers all of your meals, drinks, and entertainment during the conference.
Do you want to come but you're not sure how to ask your boss?
If you want to take advantage of the CE Conference, the advanced-level content, and the opportunity to connect to professionals in the industry but you're not sure how to ask your boss, click here to download the Employee Letter. The letter can help your boss understand the importance of this professional development opportunity and other benefits of attending the conference.
Visit Discover Battery While You're at the CE Conference: Booth #60
Solar Installer Survey: 2019 Results
NABCEP and EnergySage released the results of the fifth annual  Solar Installer Survey , the largest and most comprehensive business survey of solar companies nationwide. The 2019 report captures key observations about the U.S. solar industry from local, regional and national solar installers. Over 770 residential and commercial installers across the country participated in this year’s survey.

Among this year’s central findings is that confidence in the solar industry continued its upward trajectory. Despite market and policy uncertainty, the percentage of nationwide installers who expressed growing confidence in the industry doubled from 2016 to 2019. At the state level, installer confidence remained high in California, with a number of respondents attributing their optimism to amplified consumer interest in solar due to utility power shut-offs. On the flip side, installer confidence waned in New Jersey due to changes in the state’s incentive program.

“NABCEP is deeply committed to providing Board Certification and credentialing programs of the highest quality and integrity, and having good data from PV professionals is vital to achieving that goal,” said Shawn O’Brien, President & CEO of  NABCEP . “Information collected from this annual survey provides valuable insights into the state of the PV industry, which allows us to improve our programs and offer more effective services for people working in the renewable energy industry.”

“Now in its fifth year, we greatly appreciate everyone who took the time to take this year’s survey, as well as those who continue to help us reach as many solar installation professionals as possible” said Vikram Aggarwal, CEO and founder of EnergySage. “By gathering, analyzing, and publishing these insights, we hope to better the industry’s understanding and preparedness for future trends, and most importantly, better serve the solar consumer.”
Become PWRcell-Certified to Accelerate Business

Get trained now and let Generac cultivate new solar+storage business for you! With demand for energy storage solutions booming, the 1-Day Training & Certification session gives you access to Generac’s booked and qualified appointments. 

For $100, training includes lunch and covers everything from product features and benefits of installation to commissioning and code. Attendees who complete this 8-hour course receive 5 NABCEP credits and a tech ID for priority support. Companies with certified installers will also leverage: 
  • Leads generated from a multi-million dollar national TV advertising campaign to promote the value of solar+storage 
  • Lead qualification services 
  • Pre-scheduled in-home appointments 

Given the need for solutions for resiliency, the market is ripe for integrating energy storage. Secure your spot in a city near you. 
Upcoming Webinar with BayWa r.e.
NABCEP and  BayWa r.e. Solar Systems  have teamed up for an educational series of webinars, articles, and podcasts . We're busy working on the CE Conference, but we'll be identifying subject matter experts soon to develop a webinar that addresses PV+EV charging. More information will be coming soon!

If you missed our previous webinar titled, "Debating the State of Storage in 2019," check out out by clicking the button below.
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